My husband recently took a trip southwest with a few of his buddies. The main reason for the trip was to make sure they could go fishing and revel in some time on the amenable water. I was really excited for him to go because he’s wanted to do this for years and he is retired within the Navy and really missed being on the ocean. He had packed his gear to head out and enjoy his weekend trip. They would all be going to sleep aboard the ship and only pull in when they had fish to put in ice. When he got home, I was excited to hear how the trip went and about the number of fish he caught. Sadly,he started his story with how awful the HVAC system was onboard. He said that although he appreciated the air conditioning, one of his buddies cottage was freezing cold and found himself sleeping out on the deck where he could get some fresh air. The skipper said that he’d been having difficulty together with the HVAC system for the past month or possibly even longer and that it was scheduled to be looked at in the next few months. My husband and friends wondered why he was still running the charters out for fishing trips if he knew the HVAC system wasn’t working correctly. But when they asked him, he said he was willing to move out on the water but he really couldn’t afford to give up the charters and pay for the repairs too. At least he and his buddies caught several fish and shared a lot of laughs so the trip was worth it overall.


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