My furnace is at least twenty years old, and that is becoming more and more obvious every day. Because the heater still functions, I am reluctant to replace it. The furnace had already been in place when I purchased this house and has worked fairly well since then. In the last few years, however, its performance has reduced quite drastically. On unusually cold days, the furnace hardly ever shuts off. It runs constantly but cannot handle the demands placed on it. There are cold spots in the corners of the house, and I’m starting to believe that the bulk of the heat is trapped up close to the ceiling. Every year, I think the furnace is growing louder. It now rattles when it starts up, makes an unpleasant screeching noise every so often, and there’s an alarming grinding sound when it shuts down. Because the furnace is quite old, it has very few features. There is no way to change the speed at which the system operates. It either runs at maximum capacity or doesn’t run at all. It also costs a great deal in energy bills every month. At least there is no need to replace the filter very often. This is because the filtration system no longer works very well, and dust as well contaminants are left to circulate inside my family home. I have researched modern furnaces, and have discovered that I could save money and improve comfort by upgrading my equipment. There are models that are able to operate at speeds anywhere between forty and one hundred percent. They automatically adapt capacity to the changing needs of those in the home. There are models that can be operated through an app using a smartphone. I could even arrange zone control, and personalize the temperature settings in all the rooms.

zone control 

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