My college buds and I throw a couple big parties during the year. My personal favorite is our Christmas bash. Every year, we decide on a fun or goofy theme to up the ante. This year’s theme was ugly Christmas sweaters. We all came dressed in our best ugly sweaters. We got a bunch of eggnog, alcohol, and of course a few sheet pizzas for the night. Halfway through the party, though, we started getting freezing – our gas furnace had failed. Now, at a college party, no one expects the best amenities, and we all had hot clothes on, so at first we thought that it would be alright. We didn’t want to fiddle with the gas furnace, and a gas furnace repair would’ve been outrageously expensive on a holiday. Christmas is a wildly expensive time to have heating and air conditioning repairs completed. The contractor would have charged a premium for repairs on the holiday. Our group ended up deciding to make do without the fix. Boy, was that a mistake. Even with our own body heat, the alcohol, and extra jackets and blankets, our guests started shivering quickly. Everyone could tell there was no heat, and no one was happy. We couldn’t even turn on space heaters or a fireplace to try to help. After about an hour, I tried to fix the furnace myself, but I couldn’t figure it out. The party was a bomb due to the cold, so next time we get together (this time for New Years), I’m going to have a contractor look at the system beforehand.


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