Since first buying my home, fourteen years ago, it’s been a desire of mine to tear out the old furnace. I don’t like anything dealing with forced air heating. There are hot and cold spots all over the house, and most of the heat is trapped close to the ceiling. Because the furnace blows air throughout the rooms in my home, it also spreads dust, bacteria, and harmful impurities. It seems to run non stop, and yet my house isn’t warm on cold winter nights. My monthly heating bills are outrageously expensive, and the central heat requires constant maintenance and repair. Plus, potential issues with this duct system concern me. The air my loved ones breathe passes through the duct system multiple times in a single day. That air could be carrying mold, dust and decomposing mice. Even tiny holes or leaking duct joints waste a huge amount of heat, which leads to higher energy bills, and reduced comfort for me and my family. I want to eradicate my furnace and duct system and replace it with a hydronic heating system. Everyone tells me that it’s far too expensive and labor-intensive to switch styles of heating equipment like that, but the fact is, my furnace needs to be replaced. It requires recurrent repairs, makes weird sounds, and struggles to uphold the thermostat settings. I do not want to spend a fortune on a new furnace that I will end up hating. If I’m going to take out a loan and handle the messy installation, I should get the most effective heating system available. I want a boiler with radiant flooring, and I’m prepared to rip down walls and ceilings, and rip up floors to get it.

HVAC ductwork 

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