My school friends and I throw a few immense parties during the year. Our best celebration is the Christmas party. We do a fun theme for the Christmas celebration to make it even more fun as well. This year’s theme was ugly sweatshirts. Everyone was dressed up in their ugliest clothes. We all got egg nog, tons of booze, and lots of pizza for our shindig. Mid celebration though, my roommates and I figured out our heating plan went out. Now at a college party, nobody expects great climate control, and everyone had on heavy Christmas sweaters. So my buddies and I figured the lack of heating was actually a blessing in disguise. We did not want to monkey with the heating system, and a heating system repair would have been so high-priced. The holidays are way more high-priced to have Heating and A/C fixes done. The Heating and A/C contractor would have charged us a premium for a heating repair on Christmas. We just decided that all of us could make do without heating and after the holidays call a contractor or do the heating system repair by ourselves. This was such an error. Even with the body heat, drinking, overcoats, everyone got cold incredibly quickly. The lack of heating was observed at once plus everyone was not thrilled. We did not even have space heaters to pull out of the basement either. Eventually I tried to repair the heating system, but I was not up to the task. That celebration was such a disaster due to heating. For our next party on New Years, I am going to ensure our heating system is in tip-top shape so that is not a repeat occurrence.

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