My fraternity brothers and I host a few blowout parties every year. I think that the best one of the year is the Christmas shindig. To make it more fun, we pick a theme every year – this year, it was 80s Christmas sweaters. People showed up in the most outrageous getups. My friends brought eggnog, bottles of alcohol, and a bunch of food for the party. After awhile, though, we noticed that we could see our breath – our furnace had blown. Now, in college housing, no one expects perfection in heating control, and everyone was wearing warm clothing, so we figured that we could get away with the breakdown. We really didn’t have the money to pay for a premium contractor to come out on a holiday to do the gas furnace repair. The holidays are a really bad time to have to call a contractor in terms of price. We decided to try to deal without the heat for the night or try to fix it ourselves. That was a stupid decision. Everyone was freezing, even with their body heat and warm clothing. Everyone noticed around the same time and got really mad. We didn’t even have a fireplace to heat up the area. I tried to do the work myself, but I didn’t have the expertise. That party sucked, though, because of the heating, and to make sure it never happens again, I’m going to make sure that our furnace is working in tip-top shape.temperature control

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