Throughout the school year, my college roommates and I throw a couple of parties. My personal favorite is our Christmas party – we go all out, with themes, food, and alcohol. THe theme this year was ugly Christmas sweaters. Everyone came sporting their “best” looks. We provided the eggnog, food, sweets, and alcohol. Partway through the evening, we hit a snag: our furnace broke down. Now, this was a college party, so no one was expecting top-of-the-line heating, and everyone there was sporting warm clothes. We figured that we could get through the night without too much trouble, and we really didn’t want to have to call a heating specialist. We were sure that that would create a huge bill. Calling someone to come out on CHristmas would have been so expensive. We all just decided that we could do without the heat for one night. Boy, were we mistaken. Even with all the people in the space, the drinking, and our sweaters, we all started to freeze. All our guests noticed, and everyone was angry. We couldn’t even warm up the space another way because we didn’t have any space heaters. I went down to try to fix it myself, but I didn’t have the knowledge to do it. So, the party wasn’t very fun, but I’m using this as a lesson – make sure that our furnace is in working order before every party!

AC unit 

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