My college buddies and I host a few big parties throughout the year. Our favorite party is the Christmas party. We also do a stupid theme for the Christmas party to make it even more fun as well. This year’s theme was ugly sweaters. Everyone was dressed up in their ugliest attire. We got egg nog, tons of booze and lots of pizza for our party. Mid party though, my roommates and I discovered our heating system went out. Now at a college party, nobody expects superior climate control. Also, everyone had on warm Christmas sweaters. So my buddies and I figured the lack of heating was actually a blessing in disguise. We did not want to mess with the heater and also a heater repair would have been so expensive. The holidays are way more expensive to have HVAC service done. The HVAC contractor would have charged us a lot for a heating repair on Christmas. We just decided that we could make do without heating and after the holidays call a contractor or do the heater repair ourselves. This was such a mistake. Even with the body heat, drinking and sweaters, everyone got cold super fast. The lack of heating was noticed immediately and everyone was not happy. We did not even have space heaters to drag out of the closest either. Eventually I tried to fix the heater and I was unable to. That party was such a disappointment due to heating. For our next party on New Years, I am going to make sure our heater equipment is up to date so that does not happen again.

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I am so very glad that we decided to use one of the rooms in the house for a gym.  I was able to get the workout equipment at a pretty good price and have dedicated one guest bedroom to this function. It’s been a great decision.  First of all, I am so happy not to have to commute to a gym because my decision to work out can now be pretty spontaneous and I can devote what used to be commuting time to working out.  Since I’ve been able to let my gym memberships lapse, I no longer have to budget that expense.  And what really pleases me is not having to shower in the public area at the gym.  I can take my time in the privacy of my own space and I end up more relaxed as a result.  One thing I have noticed, though, is that the workout room does get pretty hot and steamy when I’m using it. So I’ve taken to lowering the temperature on the thermostat just before I start working out, and adjusting it back to the usual temperature afterwards. It does help that I was able to adjust the airflow register into the room to “full open” and the exhaust vent handles the increased airflow quite well.   Luckily, our heating and cooling system is powerful enough and efficient at handling the increased needs. Otherwise, the expense of upgrading the HVAC system might have made this project unreasonable and I’d be stuck commuting to and from the public gyms..  Thankfully, it has all worked out nicely.

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We are a family of exercise fanatics.  My wife and I have always gone out to a gym twice a  week, and now that our kids are in high school, they are developing similar habits.  The boys play sports at school and with our new home gym, the coaches have given each of them leave to do most of their workouts at home.  And we have been able to stop paying  public gym fees and to divert commuting time to workout time.  The other great thing about finally working out at home is  being able to shower in our own bathroom.  Neither my wife nor I likes showering in public spaces, and I can imagine that the boys feel the same way.   I must say I’ve noticed that having our gym does put some pressure on our heating and cooling system.  No matter which one of us is using the gym, a lot of heat is generated in the room.   I’ve put a note on the equipment for each user to set the thermostat at a lower temperature for the duration of the workout.  The room is a good size, and there are two of each – airflow registers and exhaust vents. I recently ordered a second thermostat so the room temperature could be controlled separately from the rest of the house. When the boys are both working out at the same time, it gets pretty steamy in there and the separate heating and cooling zone will really improve the situation.   Once the second zone is activated, It may well be that the home gym will be the busiest room in our house!  

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My wife and I set up a home gym in our family room and it’s turning out to be a great investment.  We both had memberships in other gyms and we figured having our own equipment would end up saving us money, considering commuting and gym fees.  There are other benefits, too. Without the having to allocate time for the commute, we can spend more time during each workout session.   And the biggest plus is that since neither my wife nor I ever liked showering at the gym, now we can shower in our own home.  She, especially, likes the privacy of not showering in public.    I have noticed, though, that it gets pretty hot in our little gym when either one of us is working out. We have to reset the thermostat to a lower temperature before one of us uses the equipment.  It’s a good thing that there are two air delivery registers and two exhaust vents in the family room, close to where we set up the gym equipment.  I’ve set the registers to full open and the exhaust vents are handling the hot air pretty well.  We’ve been happy that we’re not overloading the HVAC system, because the airflow really helps keep us comfortable during our workouts and after.   I can imagine that if the system and the ducting hadn’t been in good shape, it might have put a damper on our “home gym” idea.  We might not have been able to afford to install all the equipment on top of the expense of upgrading the HVAC system. Lucky!  

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I used to go out to a gym for my workouts, but I never liked using the public showers afterwards, and had to have enough time to get there and get back which meant that my workout time was cut short.  So I finally admitted to myself that what I really needed was a gym at home.  I dedicated a portion of the family room to this purpose and brought several pieces of workout equipment into the house.I really found a great solution.  I no longer have to commute to a public gym to work out, so my workout time has increased substantially.  I can take my showers in the privacy of my own home, and I don’t have to cart workout clothes with me to and from the gym. I did have to make some adjustments, though.  Despite the size of the family room,  it can get pretty hot in there during my workout.  There are several floor registers in the family room and I’ve had to move the dial to “full open” to bring as much cool air into the room as possible. Also the return vents near the ceiling are pretty efficient.  Just before I work out, I lower the temperature on the thermostat so I’ll get the maximum benefit while I’m using the equipment.    I’m pleased that the HVAC system in the house is powerful enough to handle the heat as it’s building up.  I’m not sure that people who are contemplating leaving outside gyms for the benefits of having a home gym realize that one of the necessities is a good HVAC system.  I recommend that this is an important consideration.heating and cooling

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I love having a home gym.  I used to workout at other gyms but since putting together my home gym I have let all of my memberships lapse.  There are so many benefits to having a home gym.  First of all, I don’t have to drive anywhere when I want to plan a workout.  It allows me to actually get better and faster workouts in.  The other great thing about working out at home is that I get to shower in my own bathroom with privacy.  I hate taking showers in public restrooms.  Although having a home gym is amazing I have noticed that I have to crank down the air conditioning when I work out.  My place is somewhat small so when I start to work out it gets really hot fast.  I have three pieces of equipment and they are all in my living room.  It takes up less space than you would think.  Another reason I put the equipment in the living room is because of the air conditioning vents.  In the living room there are plenty air conditioning vents and I positioned each piece of equipment underneath a vent.  That way, when I am working out, I feel the cooling air all over.  Before I work-out I usually turn the thermostat down too.  Luckily, my HVAC unit is pretty powerful and keeps the living room cold, even when friends come to work out too.  It can get pretty hot with several people but I have never had an issue with the cooling system.  My suggestion to those of you who want a home gym is to make sure you have a good air conditioning system to keep you cool.


It had been many years since my wife and I had gone on a decent date. It was way overdue for us to spend some good quality time collectively. Life had been so chaotic lately, what with work, schooling, and the kids. So, last weekend we made a decision to spend the afternoon together. I let my wife choose the activity, because that’s just the type of stand up guy I am. She decided we would go on a date at an ice cream parlor, and we were both excited for the event. When we arrived, we noticed something was off. We found out quickly that the HVAC system wasn’t working. The heat was terrible. We soon found out through the clerk that the air conditioner experienced a break down earlier that day. They were waiting for an HVAC technician to show up later that afternoon. The workers were doing everything they could do to keep the customers cool, and also to prevent the ice cream from melting! A properly working air conditioner is essential to an ice cream restaurant, especially in the middle of the summer time! We enjoyed our ice cream despite the lack of air conditioning. We were even able to view some excitement as the HVAC technician finally came and fixed the air conditioner. The HVAC technician certainly saved that ice cream restaurant! We finished up our date, and returned home to the comfort of our own air conditioner. That was quite a fun day full of HVAC system thrills, and we would remember it a long time to come!heating and air

I can’t really imagine any worse way to spend one’s day, than to have to visit the DMV for any reason. The wait was always extremely long, no matter what you had to get accomplished. Sadly, I had no choice but to be there last week. I even needed take a day off from work! I was quite aggravated, to say the least. I made it there, took my little slip of paper with my number written on it, and sat down to wait. After a short while, I realized that the air conditioner wasn’t working. “This is excellent,” I thought. Now I would need to wait in a furnace full of people for the next three to four hours. I looked around at all the sweating people, wishing desperately for a working air conditioner. I looked at my number, and realized I wouldn’t be needed at least for another hour, so I went outside to my truck to sit in the air conditioned environment for a little bit. I was even able to view the screen that flashed the numbers from my air conditioned truck. This was a good plan! Eventually, however, I had to return into the furnace like nightmare of the DMV. The lack of air conditioner achieved a smell like a dump as well. It was nasty! The air quality was terrible too. I bet they hadn’t changed their air conditioner filter in years. Luckily, they called my number shortly, and I surely could finish up and go home to my own air conditioner. What a terrible day!

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I was the area HVAC technician in my small town. It was decent employment, but I sure got to find some pretty strange events at work. Those events were pretty far in between, however. Usually it was only mundane and routine work. A little while ago I had a real doozy of a situation, however. My small town secondary school was ready to have their graduation ceremony, and their HVAC system was acting sort of funny. There was a strange smell emitting from the ductwork every time they fired up the heating and cooling system. The principal had called me to see if I could review their HVAC system before that graduation ceremony. I asked him when the strange smell started, and he said it started shortly after the seniors played their yearly joke. They had let loose 15 wild turkeys within the halls of the school one night. I didn’t have to think too hard to comprehend why the HVAC system was giving off a strange stench. I was almost 100 percent sure turkey feathers must have accumulated within the ductwork. I made arrangements to do an HVAC inspection, and sure enough I found a lot of turkey feathers in the ductwork. It took me quite some time, but I was able to clear all of those smelly feathers out. After I was done I switched on the HVAC system to allow it to clear the smells out. Sure enough, the smell soon went out after the air circulated for quite a while. Now the school was good to go for an odor free ceremony!climate control

My own step daughter was starting secondary school this year. My wife and I were very excited about it, but we were also scared. After all, we remember the varieties of things we did during our high school years. We decided to really be there in her life. Her high school orientation was scheduled for yesterday morning, and we decided to go with her to check on everything. The school was really pleasant! The only issue we could find was with the air conditioner. The orientation occurred in the bug gymnasium, and you simply could hear the air conditioner stressing and groaning. It kept the site cool, but it was rather loud. I located my step daughter’s assistance counselor to ask her some questions concerning the school. After we discussed the classes for my stepdaughter, I asked some questions about the HVAC system there. She informed me that the HVAC system was well over 50 years of age. It was in need of the many repairs and upgrades. I asked when was the last time an HVAC professional checked the system, and she informed me that they have an HVAC system inspection twice annually. She also told me that even though the HVAC system is so high decibel, it still works well. That’s just something you have to endure when you have an aged HVAC system. I was satisfied with her answers. If the worst thing in regards to that high school was a high decibel HVAC system, I think we got quite a good deal! The orientation was practically over, so we went home to the quiet air conditioner to relax. School would be starting in just one more week!

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