There are a few things that are necessary for you to do before taking off  on an extended getaway. First, I suggest  making a list of the many tasks.  That way, in the excitement, rush, and stress of packing and sticking to a schedule, you don’t neglect to do anything. I recommend you start by turning off the water heater or boiler. It is unnecessary to  waste energy and money heating water in a tank, when it is only going to sit and boil away. Plus, if there’s a problem with the water tank while you’re away, you could face water damage.  It’s a good idea to  make sure all faucets around the house are turned completely off and not dripping. It wouldn’t hurt to shut the water flow off entirely.  Go around  and make sure every door and window is locked. Take the time to empty the fridge, throwing out  anything perishable. You don’t want to come home and deal with mold food and  a smelly refrigerator. It’s a good idea to adjust the thermostat to conserve energy and give HVAC components a break. There’s no need to draw energy to heat or cool an empty house. Turn off the air conditioner and let the house heat up a bit.  You might not want to completely shut down the heating system.  If the temperature dips below freezing, you risk frozen and burst pipes.  Choose a thermostat setting that is moderate to cool without risking damage.  It doesn’t hurt to have a neighbor check on your property.  If you invest in a wifi thermostat, you can monitor your HVAC system from anywhere.

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I recently made the choice to quit my office job and look for a job that would allow me to work outside. I prefer being outside in the fresh air, and I never liked working in a cramped cubicle surrounded by hundreds of other angry people. I consider working outside as the ultimate success. I felt like a canary trapped in a cage every time I went to work. Once I quit my job, I had to figure out the type of work that I was striving for. I noticed an advertisement for a job at an air conditioning repair shop, and I applied because I thought it would allow me to work mainly outside. The one drawback with my application was that I had never repaired an air conditioner before. In the application, it questioned whether I had an understanding of air conditioning components and the techniques for service.  I wrote down that I had a great understanding of all things related to air conditioning equipment. While this may not be correct, I could argue that having a thorough understanding is subjective to the perspective of the person. What may be a great deal of knowledge to me might not be so impressive to someone else. I was surprised when I was  called in for an interview. To be honest, I was expected to look like an idiot when they started asking me air conditioning related questions. At the local Borders, I bought a book on air conditioning for dummies. I hoped to achieve a general understanding and maybe sneak my way past the interview process.  In the end, I failed to impress them and was not offered a job in the air conditioning field. I switched to landscaping.

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