I opened my own small business last year. I sell various items and do quite alright for myself. I would not say I am by any means wealthy, but I make enough to get along. I sell lots of completely different items and am always in need of new vendors for my shop. However, after a recent difficulty involving my HVAC system, I am unsure if I will be able to keep my business running. My problematic HVAC system inside of my boutique is constantly acting up. Sometimes it makes loud, annoying noises. Other times it stops working overall. My HVAC system likes to give up working when I really require it. The HVAC system stopped working when it was well below freezing. I really could have used the heating system during that particular time. Another time it stopped working when it was practically 90 degrees outside. The air conditioning would have been really convenient during that time. When it recently crashed, my HVAC technician informed me that it would cost over $500 just to repair the system. There was no chance I could afford that cost. I had bills and a lease to pay on the building. I also wanted to make enough money to get by. I told my HVAC specialist “thanks, but no thanks” and sent him on his way. I was honestly not sure if I would be able to get away without an HVAC system for 2 months. Sure, the weather would get cooler, but not soon enough. I definitely will have to do some serious thinking for the future of my business.

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Back when I was just a kid, I wanted to become a doctor when I grew up. I wanted to help people recover. But when I realized how much schooling a doctor had to plod through, I knew it wasn’t really something for me. I also hated science and had trouble getting through high school biology. When I graduated high school, I had no idea what direction I wanted to go in life. I didn’t need to enroll in college if I didn’t have my career planned, so I took a job in the local hardware store instead. The pay was decent as well as the hours. I didn’t mind the work. But I knew that I needed figure out what I wanted to do in the grand scheme of things. On some occasions I was the only real employee in the hardware retail outlet, so if something went wrong I had to work out how to fix it. The hardware store’s HVAC system was constantly broken. There were many times when either the heating system or cooling system would break down. This meant that I needed to discover how to fix it. After being with the hardware store a year, I knew the the inner workings of that darn HVAC system. I realized that I started to look forward to the HVAC system busting. It was a fun challenge for me to fix the HVAC system. I realized that I actually wanted to repair HVAC systems for a living, so I enrolled myself at the local community college for HVAC specialist classes.

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My IT company just moved offices which happens to be great. I got a cutting edge, nice sized office with a decent view of the street down below. It is a fairly old building. It has intricate wooden carvings over the stairs, marble floors, and vaulted ceilings. The artwork has been hailed as the city’s best. It really is an impressive old building and I am happy that the owners thought to preserve the original 1920’s design. According to the realtor it was eventually restored and remodeled back in the eighties but has more or less remained the same since that time. Everything in the old building worked very nicely so far, everything except for the air conditioning that is. The workplaces are kept cool enough, but you see, my company is an IT corporation and I keep and maintain servers. The HVAC unit in the old building was strong enough to allow for the offices to remain cold but it was too weak to properly cool the many servers. I am in charge of the servers and I could tell that we were losing processing speed since the servers were running hot. As soon as I found this out I contacted the building’s HVAC technician and inquired about having the room colder. We tried several different methods but nothing seemed to cool the server room to a satisfactory level. Eventually we ended up installing a dedicated HVAC unit just for that server room. It keeps my servers happy and pumps out nice crisp, cold air. Since we installed the fresh HVAC system we haven’t had anymore problems with slow processing at all. Oftentimes, I even just hang out in that room because it is so wonderful and cold.air conditioning

After graduating school last summer, I decided to take an internship at my neighborhood zoo. I really love animals and I already worked in the pet store but that certainly wasn’t the only reason I wanted the internship. My goal was to major in biology and zoology as I got to college and I really knew the internship would have a positive look on my resume. Showing for my first day I didn’t have a clue what we would be doing. I imagined myself feeding baby animals and playing with monkeys and elephants. That was until I learned that I would be handling building maintenance with some HVAC technicians and also some veterinarians. After hearing who I’d personally be working for I came to be disappointed. I signed up for this internship to be able to work with animals. Why was I getting assigned to this maintenance crew that fixed air conditioners in addition to furnaces? I reluctantly showed up to the HVAC building where the heating and cooling within the zoo’s buildings was controlled and started my work. I will need to tell you I couldn’t have been more wrong about this internship status. Our team was made up of experienced HVAC technicians, zoology majors, and also the assistant director of the zoology department within the local college. I had no idea it took such an enormous effort to handle the heating and cooling of a zoo. To begin with, all of the zoo’s buildings house different animals and exhibits which need be kept at specific temperatures along with humidity levels. Most of the procedure was handled by a system of smart thermostats located over the zoo. My job was to verify that the many smart thermostats were programmed in line with the head biologist’s requirements. It was certainly a great summer internship.

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I was in an organization that was on an important mission to affect social change inside our neighborhood. A large group of people had gotten together to tackle the matter of homelessness in our good city. Homelessness had become a major issue over the past decade or so. We thought to hold an informative conference on the matter. It took place roughly a month ago, and I was in charge of the registration desk. We failed to look at the building’s HVAC system before we booked the site, and it turned to be a major disaster. It was the midst of August, and the air conditioner stopped working halfway into the morning. The building was beginning to turn into a huge heater! This was made worse because the majority of the windows were sealed shut. There seemed to be nothing we could do to fix the air conditioner either. The building’s manager was off duty, and we couldn’t even find the thermostat. It had gotten much too hot, even some of the homeless people who had come to see our conference decided to leave the building! This was turning out to be one giant HVAC problem. We needed to find a solution for the air conditioning very quickly. One of my team members looked inside the extra rooms and was at least able to find some electric fans. These helped a bit, but couldn’t compare with the results of a good HVAC system, in addition to a powerful air conditioner. The hot temperature turned out to help our cause though. We were able to exemplify the extreme furnace like conditions that homeless people were exposed to in the middle of summer.


Not very long ago, I was asked to join the board of directors on the organization that is seeking to get rid of homelessness in America. I couldn’t believe it could be possible! I had to ask if he was serious when he asked. I had been homeless before, but I was able to overcome it through perseverance and exertions. This was right up my alley, so I quickly agreed to join. When the first board meeting came around, I wore my nicest suit and tie. I was surprised that all the others were wearing shorts and t-shirts. I soon found out the reason why. Our gathering place had zero air conditioning! I watched as everyone seen me and laughed a little bit. I didn’t find the shortage of an air conditioner funny, but I assumed it was my “initiation.” I accepted that there wasn’t an HVAC system. I took off my suit jacket so I could at least feel like I wasn’t parked in the midst of a furnace. It actually wasn’t too bad in the room without an air conditioner, but it surely would have helped a great deal. We discussed different ways we might help the desolate community. It was very completing! All this talk about homelessness allowed me realize how grateful I actually was. Back then I may have never cared about an HVAC system. I just accepted the truth that I lived outside in some sort of “furnace” of summer, and a “air conditioner” of winter. It’s amazing what steps people can make when they put their minds into it.

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When my spouse and I were talking about putting a new cooling system into my workplace, we first discussed getting a good window air conditioning unit. My problem with this is that I love having my window open. I can open it and have the fresh air, and I have a beautiful clear view of all the animals as they leave the woods, and the trees blowing over the mountains, and the thunderstorms when they blow across the fields. I don’t want to lose that beautiful view. I have a small baseboard unit, but the heat only hits my feet since it is beneath my desk, and my feet get hot along with the rest of me being unpleasant. I keep bringing up a ductless mini split unit, but he is unsure if this is the best way to go. He has also considered, adding ductwork along with the air vents, and just connecting this room on the already present home HVAC system. Installing ductwork can be described as time consuming and home disruptive, dirty work. I really don’t have the time to give up my work so he can have all this done, so I go right back into the ductless mini split topic. To be productive, I should have my comfort, because if I’m unpleasant, I can’t focus. I think I will wait till he goes to sleep and try the head control and keep repeating ductless mini split to him while he is sleeping. If it doesn’t work, oh well, but if it does, I’ll have a great little air conditioning system inside my office.

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Three months ago, I was always arguing with my mother because she was turning on her heater constantly. It was nearly 80 degrees in her room all of the time. She always was wearing her sweater as well, shivering, because she thought it was so cold. Three weeks ago, she had heart surgery. For the last couple of days, she has been telling me how warm it is. Her sweater has been left in her room, and I don’t need to turn off the air conditioner when she comes in the room with everyone else. She got up in center of the night and turned on the air conditioner in her room because she thought it was too hot in there. I am amazed at the difference within her since her surgery. She has so much energy that she can even outwalk me, and I’m 32 years younger. She isn’t chilly, and she uses the air conditioner right now, for more than blowing air within the room. I’m waiting to see what goes on this winter. Maybe my heating bills might be lower because she won’t require her heater on eighty constantly, to stay warm. I’m hoping that the heat from our furnace will due just fine to keep her warm, and maybe we can even get rid of the space heater, and just change the thermostat in her room. It has been so long since she’s enjoyed normal temperatures that she isn’t sure how to deal with it. Personally I think the only reason she even considers making it cooler in her room and turning on the air conditioning to such a low temperature, is because her sweater is much like a teddy bear. I think it gives her some comfort.

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If I ever have a chance to build a house all the way from the ground up, I will spend some time and spend the money to get every detail perfect. Instead of settling for any choices of a former proprietor, I’ll get to decide most of the little details. I’ll have a huge closet in the master master bedroom, big windows, and a massive front porch. My kitchen will be spacious with lots of cupboard space, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. The washer and dryer will be located near to the bedrooms, so I don’t need to carry heavy laundry straight up and down the stairs. To make my life a lot more easier, I will buy a dishwasher and central vacuum system. To keep the home far more comfy, I will install a boiler system within the basement connected to radiant flooring throughout the house. A radiant flooring system is entirely concealed under the floor, so there is no ugly equipment taking up my valuable space. Plus, hydronic heating is totally silent and low maintenance. It doesn’t blow air around, which avoids airborne contaminants and ensures healthier quality of air. The heat is infused inside the air which is far more pleasant and avoids uncomfortable temperature variances. Because the heat rises up from the floor, and is spread from wall-to-wall, it maintains a very even temperature and warms the different surfaces in the room. Without any cold furnishings to steal heat from the body, the indoor environment feels a great deal warmer. I could set that thermostat several degrees lower, and make big savings, without sacrificing comfort. A radiant system is easily set up into independent zones, allowing personalized settings and better opportunities to avoid wasting energy.

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Because I live along the northern border of the US, winter is the longest time of year. We have very short summers, and the fall and spring seasons usually are almost non existent. The winter months typically starts during October and hangs around until sometime in April. We run our heating system for over fifty percent of the year. It needs to be able to combat temperatures down to fifteen below zero and bitter windchill. We can’t afford energy waste or simply a heating malfunction. I need to be sure that my home is sealed tight and the furnace is running efficiently and reliably in the winter months. I have enrolled in a professional maintenance plan using a local HVAC contractor. In the fall, I schedule a system call with my HVAC contractor. A licensed technician comes to the house to perform both a power audit and upkeep on our furnace. For the energy audit, the HVAC technician completes various tests to be sure that the outside air is entering the property. He prepares a written report for the findings, along with recommendations for improvement. Normally, I simply need to caulk around windows or weatherstrip around doors. Recently however, the HVAC contractor found we were losing a tremendous amount of energy due to a lack of insulation in the attic. Apparently, over several years, the integrity of the insulation had been compromised and needed to be replaced quickly. By improving to a higher standard insulation, I prevented needless power losses, reduced the workload of my own furnace and enhanced comfort inside my home. And because the HVAC specialist cleans, inspects and tunes these heating components, I know we can count on the furnace to work safely and keep my household perfectly warm.

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