My mother has been working as a good contractor her whole life. She starting going as a builder, and later decided that she wanted her own business. She knows all the ins and outs of building, design, and Asset Maintenance. She is the first person I call when I have questions or need assistance with something around my house. Recently, my HVAC system started giving me major problems, and she was the first person who had called. Although she didn’t know just how to repair the HVAC product, she had a great friend who could come over and help me out the next time. Her friend was a registered HVAC technician, and he charged me nothing because he did it as a favor for my mother. There are definitely advantages to presenting family in the construction business. I know that if I had to go without my air conditioner for very long I would have been completely annoyed. I am used to sleeping with the air on while I get to sleep, so I would not have been able to rest very well if the A/C issue had gone off. I’m so glad to be aware of  people that I can call if I ever possess maintenance issues around my dwelling. I don’t know much about caring for the appliances myself, so I would be out a small fortune every time I had to handle a major repair or maintenance issue. HVAC units require so much care, and I hope that I don’t have anymore issues. Hopefully, with the help of my mother and other people, I won’t have to even consider my cooling system for a long time.

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A couple years ago when I was in college, I spent a ton of my free time on campus. My partner and I lived with two roommates, and they were constantly making a ruckus, so the library was where I went to get my own work done. After I left for my classes, I would watch out for an area and a quiet area for a few hours. I was devoted, and the only thing that kept me from the library was when that HVAC system would cease to work. When this happened, I was always thrown off due to the fact that I didn’t know where to see get my work done. It made me think about just how important an air conditioner was to making sure I was able to complete homework. A good HVAC unit is necessary, and all buildings on campus truly needed one. Students have a lot of work that they must be able to focus on closely if they want to perform well, and a climate-controlled area is element of what keeps the buildings comfortable enough to enable them to succeed in school. The library would usually discover the HVAC system working by the next time I went, but it still made for a huge headache for me. Hopefully they have replaced that heating and cooling system by now because there’s no way they will have to continuously deal by means of repairs. I know that if I was the head of the department of the buildings and the maintenance, I would inquire about developing a better system. They don’t seem like major issues, but college students really realize how important they can be. I’m happy to still be in school because I don’t like thinking about where I’m going to get my homework completed.

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I’m no alien to the awful heat of summer, but surviving in the southern half of the United States is really mindblowing this time of year. The heat never goes away around here, and neither does the wetness in the air. The constant bombing of discomfort caused by the pounding sun, the standstill air, and the suffocating moisture is not fun at all, and there’s only one method of real relief with regards to this issue. I am obsessed with air conditioning. I’m a major fan of central air, combined with AC window units; I could care less how I get my high quality surroundings, just as long as it’s being pumped continuously into the my home. I like to keep the indoor temperature down around 68 degrees in the daytime, and make it even lower at nighttime for the ideal sleeping conditions. This is a massive temperature disparity amongst the indoor and outdoor air, and the difference is incredibly shocking when you walk on the inside or outside. Furthermore, I’ve noticed that there’s such a great gap within the air temperatures on each side of my home’s windows, that there is a massive amount of condensation being piled up. The hot air outdoors strikes the chilled pane of glass and the water condenses straight out of the air, sticking onto the glass. This water is not only murking up every bit of my windows, but it’s actually pooling in the window sills and walls nearby to the glass. If I ever require a visual reminder of how necessary my AC is, I won’t be required to look far!

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I’m almost positive I live my life chronically dried up. Between all the coffee and tea I consume, along with the martinis I consume, along with my general inability to consider drinking water every day, it seems apparent that I’m not keeping enough moisture for my body. I often feel lazy and starving because of that, and my skin and lips might get dry really easily. That’s why warmer times is so difficult for me and I find it really hard to stay hydrated during the entire season. Because it gets so hot and humid during these months, there isn’t a choice except to rely on a great deal of HVAC services to keep things cool indoors. We operate our central cooling system virtually 365 days a year, and the season easily lasts 10 months out of the year. During this time the air conditioning offers unmatched relief from the agony outside, but causes a whole new set of headaches indoors by removing a great deal of moisture from the environment. The dehumidified indoor environment that the HVAC creates is both a blessing and then a curse, because it feels amazing to enjoy it after being outside, but causes me to be even more dehydrated in the long run. The dry air sucks moisture from my whole body and I am constantly using lotion. The cool air also will give me health issues and asthmatic problems if I’m not getting enough of the outdoor air. To wrap things up, there is no escape from the summer air. It seems like a lose-lose when you’re fighting with either the heat and humidity or the chilly and dry air.

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I’ve been thinking about everything I’ve gone through lately. I guess I just loved the wrong person. It’s been a stressful couple of years since my breakup and I’ve barely taken care of myself throughout these difficult times… Then, in the past 6 months or so, my entire life got turned around after I met my darling husband and his blossoming work. Now that I’ve picked up my life and relocated hundreds of miles for him, I think I need a reward in the form of extra heating for the house. I’m trying to convince him to get me radiant heated flooring for our new home. The house stays warm enough but the rooms are unevenly heated and the radiant heated flooring would work much better. We have a fine ventilation system now, with a traditional forced air oil furnace that services the whole house, although it does not seem to work as welI as radiant heated flooring would. In the daytime we should only be heating the rooms we are in to save on energy. Instead of closing all the air vents around the rest of the house to even the heat out, I recommended that we install heated flooring in the house so I can adjust the temperature to perfectly fit my personal preferences anywhere in the house. I love the radiant heated floor system and having nice warm floors against my toes as I sit at home and watch soaps every afternoon. I suppose we’ll save money in the long run too by cutting down on our energy bill.

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Me and my partner have never been so tied up out about money in our entire lives! Even as a transient derelict, when I had no money to eat and relied on the kindness of handouts. I feel like I had a better grasp on our finances then than I do right now. You see, both of us just moved across the country a few weeks ago.  I’m trying to get re-established in the real estate market, however in the meantime, I’m living off of our savings. With various expenses from moving, money is entirely a concern… That’s why I’ve been looking into smart temperature controls as a way to potentially save on energy bills! I’ve been studying a ton about these current modernized temperature control units. They have various functions that could help me to stop wasting money on energy expenditures. I’m entirely intrigued by having the ability to adjust the temperature of our apartment remotely from any iPad or smart device with the click of a button. That way, I can change any temperature setting on the temperature control while I’m out each day to compensate for the changing weather in our current city. You see, our days out are unpredictable, because there’s no telling what will happen when I’m hitting the streets for hand outs. It would be entirely useful to alter the air conditioner as well as heating as our day develops. With these remote temperature adjustments, I guess both of us could save significantly lower energy bills.

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I’m sure there is something to be said for understanding how to maintain the appliances around someone’s home. When I bought my first place, I knew nothing of upkeep and maintenance, but that had to change asap. After living there for only about two months, my HVAC system did start to give me issues. It ended up making very loud noises, and it was running all the time just to keep the my place somewhat cool. I knew that something was very wrong, but I had no idea what had caused the challenge or if there was anything which might be done to fix it. I did a dash of research on my very own, and found that I was actually neglecting the maintenance on my HVAC unit. It seemed that the air filters haven’t been changed for months, and the air ducts also needed to be cleaned. Once I came to the understanding that these chores were so important, I started paying more attention to my cooling system. By making sure that these things are attended to regularly, it is easy to avoid suffering major HVAC system repairs. I think that this is a large part of what it means to be a responsible homeowner. I had lots of learning to do when I first moved into the house, but now I think I have a pretty thorough understanding of everything. There are days when I don’t care to do any kind of home repair tasks, but I make myself do them because I actually understand how important they are in the grand scheme of things.


I spent my younger years in the Southeastern region of the country, and it wasn’t until a few years ago that I finally decided to move away. When I was offered new employment in the midwest, I decided to take it so that I could expose myself to another part of the country. I enjoy the change of pace very much, and I have enjoyed exploring the many new places around me. However, the one thing that I am not too keen on is the cold weather. When the winter months come through, I always have to leave my heater on 24/7 just to keep my home somewhat comfortable. I have a fairly dependable heating system, so I don’t need to worry about it breaking down on me. One thing I do need to deal with is a fairly expensive power bill each and every month. It is always snowing just about every day where I live, so I don’t have the option of turning my heater off on most days. I pay a lot more on my utility bill than I used to when I lived back in the southeast. I plan on living here for a long time, so I’m seriously considering having radiant flooring installed in my residence. Radiant floors are far more efficient than traditional heaters as they disperse the warm air evenly within a house quickly. I know of the fact that the initial cost will be really high, but I think I will save money down the road because I will not be running my heater regularly. Several of my friends at my workplace have recommended that I go with heated floors, so I take this as a pretty good sign. It seems like they are all very satisfied with this heating and cooling option.

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Just this past summer, I had chosen to spend a month vacationing inside of the mountains near my home. I had visited often in the past, but I had never been out there for a good length of time, and I really felt the need to challenge myself. I actually had the time of my life. I gained an entirely new appreciation for camping, hiking, fishing, and cooking over a fire. I never thought I would be able to do all of these things, but I found that I really loved all of it. I managed pretty well during my vacation in the mountains, but I did struggle from time to time with not having an air conditioner. It made me realize how dependent I have been on my heating and cooling system at my house, and there were days when I really missed being able to adjust the thermostat and relax within the pleasant cool air. I found there were other ways to cool down. I would go for a quick dip in the lake or nap in my nice hammock within the shade. It wasn’t quite as nice as using the air conditioner and lying down on the couch, but it definitely was a great experience. Nature is so peaceful, and I got some of the best sleep I’ve had in my life out there. When the month ended, I went back to my job feeling recharged and prepared to go. Everybody had questions about my awesome trip. Some people were shocked that I was able to survive for so long, but I think anybody could do it if they are willing to put themselves to the test. I would like to do this sort of thing again later on. I will probably choose a new spot, but I would prefer to stay again for at least a month if not longer.

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I was so proud of my oldest son! He had a difficult time getting through twelfth grade, and an even tougher time afterwards. He didn’t want to even go to college right away, but he also didn’t want to go to work either. Unfortunately, things don’t work that way. I told him he had to choose. He could go to school, get a job, or move out. He picked school, and his graduation was just the other day! Unfortunately, the party was pretty much ruined by my old air conditioner. We had been planning the big party for several months, and I really should have known that this might happen as the HVAC system has been experiencing problems. Both the furnace and the air conditioner had been acting strange for a long time. We didn’t want to spend the additional money on regular HVAC system repair. Well, we had to pay the fee for that choice. On the day of the party, my air conditioner altogether stopped working. It wouldn’t have been such a huge deal on any other day. The temperature was as high as 102 degrees though! So, the lack of air conditioning caused many of the guests to sweat a great deal. It was quite an awful day to say the least. Not only that, but the air conditioner repair ended up costing me a small fortune. If I had gotten the HVAC system maintained routinely, I would have saved myself a lot of cash. The party might have been a success, and the HVAC system wouldn’t have cost me such a large sum of money, but at least my son had graduated from college!

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