My friends and I went to an amusement park last week. It was an extremely good time overall, but both the heat and humidity were crazy. I enjoyed going into most of the indoor shops and arcade. They had outstanding HVAC systems. It struck me as a really great idea to have such places setup for comfort. There’s nothing like wanting to leave that extreme hot weather then stepping into perfect air conditioning. While I couldn’t just sit in the shops all day, I did spend a quite a bit of time at that glorious arcade. Don’t get me wrong, I spent a great deal of time riding rides in the amusement park but in between rides I kept returning to the arcade to cool off and I got some game time in. I did see a lot of men and women playing the game Dance Revolution but I wasn’t looking to get nuts with dancing. I understood the endurance though with such nice A/C keeping the temperature nice and cool. There would have been no way to maintain that version of exercise in the heat. I did make sure to buy one of the mist spraying fans. That helped out when we were waiting in line for most of the rides. A few of the lines had some shady spots to find a tiny amount of relief from those scorching sunrays. I’ll be frank, I rode the majority of the rides when the sun set. The lines were much shorter and it wasn’t nearly as hot as earlier.

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