I’m almost positive I live my life chronically dried up. Between all the coffee and tea I consume, along with the martinis I consume, along with my general inability to consider drinking water every day, it seems apparent that I’m not keeping enough moisture for my body. I often feel lazy and starving because of that, and my skin and lips might get dry really easily. That’s why warmer times is so difficult for me and I find it really hard to stay hydrated during the entire season. Because it gets so hot and humid during these months, there isn’t a choice except to rely on a great deal of HVAC services to keep things cool indoors. We operate our central cooling system virtually 365 days a year, and the season easily lasts 10 months out of the year. During this time the air conditioning offers unmatched relief from the agony outside, but causes a whole new set of headaches indoors by removing a great deal of moisture from the environment. The dehumidified indoor environment that the HVAC creates is both a blessing and then a curse, because it feels amazing to enjoy it after being outside, but causes me to be even more dehydrated in the long run. The dry air sucks moisture from my whole body and I am constantly using lotion. The cool air also will give me health issues and asthmatic problems if I’m not getting enough of the outdoor air. To wrap things up, there is no escape from the summer air. It seems like a lose-lose when you’re fighting with either the heat and humidity or the chilly and dry air.

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