I’ve been thinking about everything I’ve gone through lately. I guess I just loved the wrong person. It’s been a stressful couple of years since my breakup and I’ve barely taken care of myself throughout these difficult times… Then, in the past 6 months or so, my entire life got turned around after I met my darling husband and his blossoming work. Now that I’ve picked up my life and relocated hundreds of miles for him, I think I need a reward in the form of extra heating for the house. I’m trying to convince him to get me radiant heated flooring for our new home. The house stays warm enough but the rooms are unevenly heated and the radiant heated flooring would work much better. We have a fine ventilation system now, with a traditional forced air oil furnace that services the whole house, although it does not seem to work as welI as radiant heated flooring would. In the daytime we should only be heating the rooms we are in to save on energy. Instead of closing all the air vents around the rest of the house to even the heat out, I recommended that we install heated flooring in the house so I can adjust the temperature to perfectly fit my personal preferences anywhere in the house. I love the radiant heated floor system and having nice warm floors against my toes as I sit at home and watch soaps every afternoon. I suppose we’ll save money in the long run too by cutting down on our energy bill.

hydronic heater

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