A couple years ago when I was in college, I spent a ton of my free time on campus. My partner and I lived with two roommates, and they were constantly making a ruckus, so the library was where I went to get my own work done. After I left for my classes, I would watch out for an area and a quiet area for a few hours. I was devoted, and the only thing that kept me from the library was when that HVAC system would cease to work. When this happened, I was always thrown off due to the fact that I didn’t know where to see get my work done. It made me think about just how important an air conditioner was to making sure I was able to complete homework. A good HVAC unit is necessary, and all buildings on campus truly needed one. Students have a lot of work that they must be able to focus on closely if they want to perform well, and a climate-controlled area is element of what keeps the buildings comfortable enough to enable them to succeed in school. The library would usually discover the HVAC system working by the next time I went, but it still made for a huge headache for me. Hopefully they have replaced that heating and cooling system by now because there’s no way they will have to continuously deal by means of repairs. I know that if I was the head of the department of the buildings and the maintenance, I would inquire about developing a better system. They don’t seem like major issues, but college students really realize how important they can be. I’m happy to still be in school because I don’t like thinking about where I’m going to get my homework completed.

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