I spent my younger years in the Southeastern region of the country, and it wasn’t until a few years ago that I finally decided to move away. When I was offered new employment in the midwest, I decided to take it so that I could expose myself to another part of the country. I enjoy the change of pace very much, and I have enjoyed exploring the many new places around me. However, the one thing that I am not too keen on is the cold weather. When the winter months come through, I always have to leave my heater on 24/7 just to keep my home somewhat comfortable. I have a fairly dependable heating system, so I don’t need to worry about it breaking down on me. One thing I do need to deal with is a fairly expensive power bill each and every month. It is always snowing just about every day where I live, so I don’t have the option of turning my heater off on most days. I pay a lot more on my utility bill than I used to when I lived back in the southeast. I plan on living here for a long time, so I’m seriously considering having radiant flooring installed in my residence. Radiant floors are far more efficient than traditional heaters as they disperse the warm air evenly within a house quickly. I know of the fact that the initial cost will be really high, but I think I will save money down the road because I will not be running my heater regularly. Several of my friends at my workplace have recommended that I go with heated floors, so I take this as a pretty good sign. It seems like they are all very satisfied with this heating and cooling option.

radiant heater

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