My mother has been working as a good contractor her whole life. She starting going as a builder, and later decided that she wanted her own business. She knows all the ins and outs of building, design, and Asset Maintenance. She is the first person I call when I have questions or need assistance with something around my house. Recently, my HVAC system started giving me major problems, and she was the first person who had called. Although she didn’t know just how to repair the HVAC product, she had a great friend who could come over and help me out the next time. Her friend was a registered HVAC technician, and he charged me nothing because he did it as a favor for my mother. There are definitely advantages to presenting family in the construction business. I know that if I had to go without my air conditioner for very long I would have been completely annoyed. I am used to sleeping with the air on while I get to sleep, so I would not have been able to rest very well if the A/C issue had gone off. I’m so glad to be aware of  people that I can call if I ever possess maintenance issues around my dwelling. I don’t know much about caring for the appliances myself, so I would be out a small fortune every time I had to handle a major repair or maintenance issue. HVAC units require so much care, and I hope that I don’t have anymore issues. Hopefully, with the help of my mother and other people, I won’t have to even consider my cooling system for a long time.

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