Me and my partner have never been so tied up out about money in our entire lives! Even as a transient derelict, when I had no money to eat and relied on the kindness of handouts. I feel like I had a better grasp on our finances then than I do right now. You see, both of us just moved across the country a few weeks ago.  I’m trying to get re-established in the real estate market, however in the meantime, I’m living off of our savings. With various expenses from moving, money is entirely a concern… That’s why I’ve been looking into smart temperature controls as a way to potentially save on energy bills! I’ve been studying a ton about these current modernized temperature control units. They have various functions that could help me to stop wasting money on energy expenditures. I’m entirely intrigued by having the ability to adjust the temperature of our apartment remotely from any iPad or smart device with the click of a button. That way, I can change any temperature setting on the temperature control while I’m out each day to compensate for the changing weather in our current city. You see, our days out are unpredictable, because there’s no telling what will happen when I’m hitting the streets for hand outs. It would be entirely useful to alter the air conditioner as well as heating as our day develops. With these remote temperature adjustments, I guess both of us could save significantly lower energy bills.

programmable thermostat

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