I’ve have actually struggled with anxiety for a majority of my life. I can not remember ever going longer than a week without suffering from an anxiety attack. These attacks come on rather suddenly, and create the feeling of being alone and fearing your surroundings, despite actually being absolutely safe. Sometimes they are unprovoked, while other times they begin because of a specific trigger such as a particular word or smell. Having experienced this issue for so long, I have found a few ways to prevent panic attacks and can usually calm myself down as I begin to feel those strenuous emotions of fear which signal the onset of an attack. One method is keeping my eyes closed and counting in reverse from 100. Focusing on something other than the fear helps me end up calmer. When this method does not work and I am inside of my residence, I will turn up my thermostat and picture myself in my cheerful place. The furnace turns on and I will envision myself at an empty beach. I recently had to purchase a new furnace because my old one had stopped working and, despite being especially expensive, using the furnace is important to battling my panic attacks. I do have a full HVAC system, but the AC rarely gets used by me. Many others are skeptical with this method to prevent a panic attack, but turning up the thermostat and imagining that peaceful environment has helped me a great deal and I would certainly recommend this to anyone who suffers from anxiety.


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