When I first took on my current job, I thought it would be great, or at least something I could handle in order to make money. It turns out, I was very wrong. I started working at an HVAC factory where air conditioning units and furnaces are mass constructed. I expected it to be especially easy, just working machines and additionally putting parts together. This is not the way of it. My day to day responsibilities included pushing a on button to make sure the unit had power, and then turning it back off. There was literally nothing else to it. No wonder the job pays greater than minimum wage, because if it didn’t no one would want this! I was expecting at least some kind of variety in the position’s duties. I think I might possibly be going insane from repeating the same task again and again at this place. Those HVAC customers better get pleasure from their units, because the process of making them is awfully boring. I am contemplating making a move to another position due to the fact that this job is horrible, and I just started it not so long ago. I really can’t imagine wasting years of my well being doing this! All in all, I think I have seen enough furnaces and AC units to last for my entire lifetime. The only good things that have come out of my miserable time within this place are the extra cash and a proficiency in turning HVAC systems on and subsequently off. I honestly can’t wait to start another type of job! I hope my next job is somewhat more interesting than this one happens to be!

HVAC dealership

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