Surfboards are made from a foam composite covered in layers in fiberglass plus epoxy.  These are the basic ingredients to most surfboards in general.  The most substantial thing about a surfboard though is its shape, and this means the shaper.  As a board shaper, I can tell you, shaping surfboards is a craft that takes quite a few years to master.  I spend hours on end in my shaping bay sanding plus cutting to get the perfect symmetry and curve to my beautiful creations.  I adore shaping, however one of the worst things about shaping is the amount of particulates that go into this type of work.  Without proper ventilation, this can genuinely be absolutely harmful, as well as deadly.  Thankfully, I don’t have to shape in my garage anymore.  My shaping bay is not big however it does have a state of the art industrial Heating plus Air Conditioning device along with certain filters.  Without the use of this device, there is no way I would be able to work due to the harmful chemicals as well as foam dust.  There are numerous stages of heavy duty filters plus a big fan that literally sucks the air out of the room creating a negative atmosphere environment which pulls all the contaminants out of the air and ultimately saves my lungs.  The special air conditioner device was a major investment in the supplier although I intend to grow eventually plus hire other shapers plus make more bays.  The good thing about this ultra powerful Heating plus Air Conditioning system is that it can handle up to 6 shaping bays which will easily allow my supplier to grow.  Although I know how my special Heating plus Air Conditioning system works plus use it everyday, I was not the one to install it.  To make sure everything was done right, I hired a professional Heating plus Air Conditioning contractor. Did I mention I only crank up that incredible HVAC when the waves are flat?

furnace filter

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