As of late, we have been getting a tremendous amount of rain in my region. Over the last two months, we have received approximately fifteen inches of rain. I do not know for sure, but I am fairly certain that it has rained daily since the beginning of June 1st. Typically, the rain arrives every day during the early afternoon, and we often receive another storm later during the night. A friend of mine informed me this week of the fact that increased rainfall has caused significant problems with his cooling unit. One issue he previously dealt with was due to an animal crawling into the A/C unit during a storm. Apparently, his air conditioning fan stopped working from the animal building its nest right next to it. The sad part is the animal died in the system, and it pushed an awful odor throughout his house before the system finally stopped working. After my friend had his air conditioning system repaired from the animal invasion, he encountered a problem with his playground set. During one of the many storms, the winds were so violent they tossed the playground equipment over the lawn and into the A/C. The total damage amounted to over 1500 dollars. It also took over three weeks to get an HVAC repair technician to resolve the A/C system. My friend is hoping that we no longer have to encounter significant rainfall because he cannot afford to pay any more money for air conditioner repairs. I told him that he might want to start an A/C repair fund, as rain is in our forecast for the next eight weeks.

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