I work at a most demanding job, and I typically work very long hours and days. I normally work six to 7 days a week, and getting a day off is a rare treat for me. When I do finally get to enjoy a day off, I don’t want to fritter it away by running errands, talking on the phone, or doing household upkeep. I try to manage all of these unpleasant tasks during my workdays, so on my lazy days, I can do absolutely nothing. I make sure that I have a nice supply of my snacks, wine, and good movies. When I renovated my dwelling, I set up the lounge room to suit my lazy days. I made sure that my favorite recliner is positioned straight under the HVAC vent. I updated my temperature control system to include central cooling, zone control and additionally wifi access. It doesn’t matter much what the actual outside temperature is, whether it is ten below zero or inside the upper nineties, my home is always entirely comfortable. Because of that zoned conditioning, I can heat or cool the lounge room to my ideal comfort without impacting the rest of the house. I don’t need to waste energy or money to try and keep my whole dwelling at the right temperature, and can just concentrate heating and cooling energy in the lounge room. Since the HVAC system is brand spanking new and extremely energy efficient, it certainly doesn’t cost much to keep running. Plus, I can operate the entire HVAC system from my smartphone which is very convenient. Through an app, the phone connects to that smart thermostat, and allows me to make any necessary changes to temperature, fan speed and even humidity levels. Because of this amazing state-of-the-art HVAC system, I can cuddle up inside of my chair with the remote for the television and my smartphone, and never have even go anywhere.

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