My father actually worked at one of the few butcher shops still standing in our hometown. About a decade ago, our dad became a co-owner of the shop with his good friend. They enjoyed the work, and they also began to notice a considerable drop in sales, but people weren’t as upset with GMOs, antibiotics or growth hormones being passed through into meat anymore, so they were buying their meats from big time grocery chains. Anyway, their shop fell into a major rut. People weren’t buying as often, leading to less income for procurement of meats. Low stock caused the prices to increase dramatically, making even less people buy from them, but eventually it got to a point where they had to close the company on most days. They started to cater exclusively to the few diners that were still true to them, and in that time, they let parts of the shop fall apart due to no expendable funds for upkeep. The walk-in fridge as well as the freezer they used had also suffered from a lack of service, and couldn’t keep the room as cool anymore, however since it became a major health code violation, they had to find the money anywhere to repair the refrigerant system in order to keep their doors open. After scheduling an appointment with a Heating as well as A/C specialist, they were able to find a quote to fix the system. They managed to pull a small loan from the bank to have the repairs all completed,  and fortunately for them, the markets were beginning to change, as people started wanting fresh cuts of meat from healthy animals that weren’t pumped full of GMOs or hormones, and business boomed again for them that year. It only took them another year to pay back the loan as well as beat their own records for yearly sales. It really goes to show you that regardless of how tough times can get, if you hold on, you can always find the light at the end of the tunnel.

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