My son recently started playing basketball for his private school. He is genuinely excited because all of his friends are on the team, and he has followed the NBA since he was a kid. I attended his first few games last week, and I honestly enjoyed myself. It’s fun to watch him play. The only thing that I did not like about going to see his games was due to the fact that the air conditioner in the gym wasn’t fully working from some HVAC complications that they couldn’t quite solve in time for the games. The kids had to play their game in the heat. I thought that it was genuinely unfair. They were sizzling and sweaty, and it had to make it that much harder to run down the court. I did not envy them in the least. If I wanted to play an indoor sport, I would insist that the air conditioner was running before I went out to play. I think that there is not much that they could have done about the issue, but all of the parents were pretty worried about it. They did not want their kids to have to risk getting overheated just to play a basketball game, and I don’t blame them. I felt the same way. The maintenance staff at the school honestly should have done a better job of taking care of the heating and cooling systems so that they could avoid this issue! Luckily, not a single person got overheated, but the risk of this happening was very high. I don’t think the school administrators were aware of the issues, but they definitely should be made aware! Not a single player or fan should get hurt because they were playing a game in a place that was not air conditioned.

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