When my baby brother and I were young, he was constantly letting his things get lost, broken and also damaged somehow. His favorite action figures would get left outside inside the rain, only to be lost and never seen again. When he was old enough to drive, my parents bought him this beat-up old passenger van that had over a hundred-thousand miles on it. They got it thinking he’d let it fall apart like the rest of his belongings, but it didn’t go as they expected at all. Not only did he keep that van going, but he invested quite a bit of money into it that he was making from his job. He handled a lot of little tune-ups every now and then. After getting some engine and additionally transmission work done, he was determined to fix the truck’s terrible AC. After doing some research relating to the parts for the A/C, he went and picked up a completely new compressor as well as hoses. Since he works at a motorized vehicle detailing shop, he was in a position to take the van apart as needed and install the parts himself. Funny enough, he’s had that same van now for the past five years! My parents think that he just needs to have things that are already worn down so that he will have the motivation to fix them up. So when he made a decision to move out last year, my parents helped him put a down payment on a house that was in a run down part of town. It certainly was a major fixer upper, but he loved it and couldn’t wait to get it fixed up. If his ownership of the house goes anything like his van, I’m sure the house will be looking amazing within a few years. Even though I don’t care to ride with him in his van given its appearance, I do like how great his A/C system is.

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