Two years ago my husband and I erected a new home. It had been our goal to do that for a very long time, and we finally were able to afford it. We had a tight budget, so we wanted to ensure that we bought things which would last but were also affordable. We were very pleased with the decisions that we made. The house is quite small. It has only two bedrooms, so we knew we wouldn’t need a huge, extravagant HVAC system.

          While researching different cooling and heating systems, we found the ductless mini split air conditioning units. These are much less expensive than regular HVAC systems, which are pretty good. We read many reviews on them and it seemed that everyone who had bought them was very happy about their purchase.

        We took a chance and went with the mini split ac system, and we have not rued that decision one little. The system has a rather sleek look, and it looks superior to a window unit air conditioner. It uses a lesser amount of energy than a traditional HVAC system, so we save a lot of money on our utility bills. The benefits are really countless. I could go on about how much we enjoy the air conditioning system. By buying one, we saved big money, and we are still able to have our space extremely relaxed. If I had to do the complete construction process over again, I think that I would make the same choices.

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