I am an HVAC technician. I have been working in this business for a long time, and have learned much about the intricacies of air conditioning and heating. I started out in an internship through my junior college, and I worked my way in a great job! Now, I am opening my own local store. I’m really excited to create a really stable business for my family. I decided I needed another HVAC technician to partner up with to balance the work. I couldn’t imagine trying to do an online and in-store HVAC business alone, taking every one of the service calls. I really like the guy I chose, but there was a learning curve. He was only a few years into the field, and when it came to ordering our inventory there were still some things he had to learn. He meant well, wanting to save me money for my startup business, by buying inexpensive parts, but that was not the best idea. When you buy cheap, you will get cheap, and our customers will figure that out fast! Cheap parts only crash HVAC systems faster and harder,  making the repairs much more expensive. Our customers would recognize this and decide to do business elsewhere. If we are going to start a business, we are going to do it right from the very beginning. Once we had all of our inventory stocked and our business ads available on the radio and classifieds, we were ready to start repairing HVAC systems!


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