Our little town suffered through an extraordinary natural disaster,  when a sizable tornado ripped through the area. The tornado went right through the downtown business district, leaving a path of destruction and taking out 88% of all local businesses. We received winds that ripped entire homes in half. The wind and rain that accompanied the storms was severe. Most businesses along that strip were either severely damaged or destroyed completely, forcing a lot of businesses into early retirement or they just decided to go out of business, but either reason made us all sad.  However, when the majority of the rebuilding was finally underway,  various new places began to emerge. My area of town lost two air conditioning providers in the storm, and since my husband and I always have the a/c tuned-up before the summertime, we needed to choose another provider before the warmer season.  We always have the A/C tuned up before the heat of the summer since it can get extremely hot in the sun, especially since we have no mountains to shade the land. So my husband, Mark and I started looking for a new air conditioning provider and we found several new companies that had recently opened in our area.  After studying some online reviews, we found the decision even more hard to make, since both air conditioning providers were rated well, in addition, each provider was running the same special. The decision would be too hard to make if we did not have the correct utensils. I grabbed our special gold coin from it’s box, flipped it over for good luck and was ready. Mark assigned each air conditioning provider to a certain side of the coin. As I watched the coin flip through the air, I wondered which air conditioning provider would soon be chosen.

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