Back when I was looking for apartments, there was a single feature that was checking for specifically – ceiling fans. It was weirdly rather taxing to find this feature, especially because I first thought they were a staple design feature in every apartment. With the knowledge of how severely high the temperatures can become in the warmer seasons, it seems odd that local living spaces wouldn’t stock their units with any cooling devices they could think of, even if it does cost a little more to supply. It’s clearly a need for everyone. Even when the air conditioner is on full blast, or if it’s seriously frigid outside and I could sit in front of the heater for hours, I still like to have a ceiling fan on at night while I sleep. I’ll never figure out why or how, but I tend to overheat quite a bit while I’m asleep! Unless the apartment is set to 76 or lower, and I have a fan blowing on me, I will constantly wake up sweaty, or with sheets that indicate I had been perspiring to an extreme at some point while I was sleeping. I will never fully understand my body chemistry or why I’m only hot while I’m asleep. All I can really say is, I’m delighted that I finally found an apartment complex that made sure their units contained fans in all of the bedrooms. I sincerely can’t recall a time I’ve ever survived a night without a fan!

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