My last flight on a plane was far different than what I anticipated. I will begin by saying that I love flying. I bring a book, sweatshirt, and iPod. I sit in my cozy chair and the comfort of the space places me in a tranquil state of mind. I basically keep to myself. In every past flight I’ve had, I have constantly been cold, and that was why I am always sure to wear pants plus long sleeves into the airport in preparation for the flight itself. The airports themselves are usually cold as well, however that’s another story. To my pleasant surprise, the most recent flight I went on was quite a different experience. The flight wasn’t cold at all! Actually, the plane was more on the hot side. I was so glad. I tucked my hoodie away under my seat, excited by the fact that I really wouldn’t need it. I’m constantly comfortable on planes because I come prepared, however it was nice to find comfort without any extra help from my planned set of outerwear. I enjoyed the flight reading a good chunk of my book plus listening to all of my top songs. I was thankful for the cooling system on that flight, or rather the absence of it… Hopefully future flights will have a little more in common with that last trip, although I’ll still bring my sweatshirt with me just in case. It’s a nice treat to be greeted by a normal temperature on a plane, however it still remains quite rare .

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