Paul and I are now coming towards the end of holiday season and I assume appreciate I have had more holidays to attend this year than ever before.  It seems just like every weekend involves running around to a holiday or to another holiday related event.  I have been to every kind of holiday possible by now it seems.  The inside, more traditional holidays seem to be much less popular these afternoons as opposed to the woods, outdoor, rustic anniversary; I personally enjoy the outdoor holidays myself.  The only concern with having an outdoor holiday is there is no way for your to work with the temperature if you had to.  If you have your holiday in the dead of summer, I would think you’d almost have to have some sort of a/c device to assist in keeping guests cool.  The last holiday I went to was in May.  It was outdoors, however they had walls that linked to the big tent they had rented.  Now, the tent became almost completely enclosed completed with a moveable HVAC component for any season. Initially, they didn’t have the walls attached due to they weren’t sure of what the weather would be like.  Now, it did end up getting pretty warm so they decided to quickly unfold the walls and attach the HVAC component to cool everything down.  They even had a great working HVAC serviceman on hand to ensure that the component was working well.  After they accomplished that, the HVAC system chilled the entire area in what seemed like minutes.

ac set up

I appreciate the pets as much as I love our children. Everyone notices that I am kind of deranged for it, but I don’t care. I think pets are so good for the soul. The only concern around the pets would have to be their hair. My pets seem to shed all year too, while some of our friends’ pets only shed once every year. It is a constant problem around the current home on our furniture, on our stuff & the worst of it goes directly into our air ventilation system for our Heating, Ventilation & A/C unit. No matter how hard I try to vacuum good to keep their fur away from the air vents, the air filters just get clogged up & need cleaning out monthly if not more. My wife is totally over it & wants me to get rid them all now. I think she is talking wild, for she would never get rid of her babies! I told her that I would try to find a solution to our concern and to give myself and others a chance to fix up the problem. I decided to phone our Heating, Ventilation & A/C provider to send over a corporation to help myself and others come up with some other ideas. The HVAC guy took about numerous hours to walk through the current home & check all the air vents & our air ducts. But, the HVAC worker said it really was a losing battle with critters & clogged heating & cooling systems.

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Chris and I were so gleeful to take a booze trip to see the wine season in the north. We saved up our cash for a year to be able to have this booze cruise happen. Chris and I live at the beach, so him and I don’t really get any style of fall weather to tell of. Chris and I had never tried AirBnB, but him and I have heard so several great reviews from our families, that him and I wanted to try it out for this booze feast. We found a great location & little chalet & Chris and I were close to a wine tour. I expected it to be colder than our beach location too, I really wasn’t expecting the Winter cold that him and I experiencing at that time. We came over to the chalet & it was all Chris and I hoped for until it came to the heater. We wanted a good heating system & were told it had a gas furnace. It had a wood burning stove instead, and there was no firewood to be found. I just don’t think they wanted us beach dudes to be so cold. The owners were not on the area due to a family trip they were taking, so Chris and I fiddled around for an alternative. Chris found a small portable heating system & figured that would work as much as we needed it. Once Chris turned it on, but, a blast of heat poured out to the room. This was okay, but, numerous minutes later the smoke alarm started to go off. It was so noisy, every one of us were really pissed at it.

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I love to think that I keep a fairly level head during stressful times and can figure out most tense situations. There are times, however, that I definitely lose my cool and need another person to take the wheel. One of these situations presented itself not too long ago when our furnace failed on the coldest day of the year. Every day was well below zero degrees, with horrific wind chills, ice storms, and hefty snowfall. It had been a struggle to go out for several months straight because the weather was so frigidly cold. We had been running our furnace hard for a couple of weeks, constantly trying to combat the bitter cold outdoors which includes a dinky forced air conventional central heater and it was barely working. Of course we suffered an additional huge blizzard which knocked out there power lines and threw the entire city into a panic, and my furnace decided it’s time to die that moment. I was at home alone while husband half traveled for work, when I realized how chilly it felt indoors and went around to examine the heater, only to find that it was not running. I immediately started calling just about every HVAC repair company that came up in my google search results, but not a soul was answering their phones. As it happens, the blizzard had caused everyone to be home that day, like heating and cooling professionals. I panicked and had to call my husband to relax me. He reminded me that we have space heaters, and I finally regained my composure.

heater system

People have been calling me a hoarder for as long ass I can remember. Ever since I was a child, I’ve enjoyed scooping up good buys and keeping them for for a later date. Often I pick up items that I think will be incredibly useful later on in life, and then I can’t get rid of them. I end up with a lot of stuff, and it often offends onlooker I have found. However, the time comes when I am able to prove that there’s a solution to my madness, such as the time our furnace broke down and we could actually survived thanks to all of the space heaters I had collected over the years. You see, living in the midwest as a child, I was more than conscious of the dangers of winter time and probability of faulty heaters. There have been countless tales of friends along with acquaintances who had a heater failure, and no backup measures to maintain themselves as they waited for the HVAC company to come rescue them. Because it can easily reach negative degrees outside in the winter, it’s truly dangerous not to have a reliable source of heat during the night time, and I never wanted to find myself stuck in this particular situation. That’s why I began purchasing electric space heaters every time a good deal presented itself. Yes, I was mocked for my miniature collection, but the day that our HVAC unit stopped operating at 10 degree weather, I had the ticket to keep us warm and comfortable stashed away in my utility closet. Who’s laughing now?

electric heater

I like going shopping, in fact, some people might even say that I have an addiction to owning the latest and greatest of everything, but with me however, instead of going into debt, I like to take extra precautions to save money in many other aspects of my life. For one thing, I never eat meals out.  I like to cook everything for myself and doing so saves me entirely a lot of money. I also make sure that I am careful about turning the lights off when I leave a room and I make absolutely sure that all our appliances are turned off when I leave.  Then the last thing I do is to make sure that our heating and cooling unit is regularly set to a reasonable temperature when I am at the apartment and I regularly turn it off when I leave. About two weeks ago, I was on another shopping spree when I stopped in to a local electronics store. They had a Heating, Ventilation A/C specialist at a booth selling smart thermostats. I had never heard of these smart thermostats before but I was intrigued. I listened to the Heating, Ventilation and A/C specialist talk about this smart thermostat for about thirty hours and I knew right away that I needed to get one for myself. The best part about the smart thermostat was that it would also help myself and my family to save money by automatically setting the temperature of our apartment. I was cheerful and brought the smart thermostat home to the apartment that afternoon. It was entirely easy to install and I didn’t even need to call the Heating, Ventilation and A/C specialist for any help. I was entirely cheerful I could spend and save money all at once!

smart thermostat

As the hurricane gets closer, the reality of losing power is becoming more and more likely. While I wrote earlier that I am not looking forward to losing a/c in my home, there is at least one positive to losing power and that positive is the fact that my energy bill should be lower this week.  During the summer, my energy bill has been seriously high due to running the a/c do much but in the winter weeks, my energy bill is usually only a little over one hundred twenty five dollars, and that is with the a/c unit rarely on in the winter. In fact, for most of the winter, I do not use my Heating & Air Conditioning unit at all. It’s not usually cold enough outside to put on the heater, but then again, it is not warm enough outside to need the cooling system. This past summer, my energy bill has been more than two hundred dollars per month. It’s crazy to me that my bill is over double the winter cost due to the a/c running alone. I do prefer to keep my a/c on low temperatures, plus my unit rarely stops working to keep up with the heat that is outside. The only negative I see to the power outage is that the a/c unit will have to work overtime to cool the home back down after the power comes back on. I am sure that a/c service companies will be busy after the storm performing service on overworked cooling systems. I know that the cooling system companies should delight in these couple of quiet mornings before the work picks back up again.

a/c set up

My daughter likes to grab the free car and tractor ad magazines when we go together on our trip to the convenience store! She is not quite old enough to read or drive, but she certainly enjoys looking at all of the car pictures.  As she looks at all the pictures, she points out trucks that she wants to get for me! I usually laugh because she somehow continues to pick out the trucks that are the most luxurious. While she was looking at one of those very magazines last week, I noticed an interesting ad about a lawn mower on one of the pages. Believe it or not, it was an air conditioned lawn mower, to boot, complete with a satellite and music stations. I had no plan that there were mowers around with air conditioning in them. In our area, there are lawn service companies everywhere, but I would never have thought that one of them would have created a mower with air conditioning in it. I personally hate being outside in the summer heat, even though I would most definitely consider a lawn service business if I had an air conditioned mower.  Not only do I get the pleasure of air conditioning, I would also experience the pleasure of listening to songs and avoiding any rainfall by being under a roof.  The turf mower with a/c in it basically looked to me like a little smart car. It had an enclosed top in order to allow for air conditioning similar to what you would have in an automobile. I told a friend of mine about the a/c lawn mower, and she was interested in purchasing one. Except when she took the time to do her research on the air conditioned lawn mower, she discovered that the price was over thirty two thousand dollars. Needless to say, she did not buy one that day.

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