During the cold winter weather I literally dream about having a warm home with an upgraded furnace, HVAC unit, and most importantly heated floors. Winter months can be extremely cold and heavy heating use could be costly with furnace maintenance along with HVAC services. The first time I experienced my dream house with heated floors I noticed I was walking inside of a warm house on an tropical isle. I had forgotten that it’s ten degrees outside. My favorite part of heated floors is that it heats the device from the floor up. Heat rises from the floor and will eventually start heating your home. The heat emitted through the floor can aide in less temperature setting for your general home! Heated floors contribute to a more affordable heating bill.

Many heated floors use updated technology which might make many furnaces have a longer life. The less work your furnace has to do to heat the entire house, the longer that your furnace will last. Heating repairs are not as frequent with heated floors. The purchase price savings on HVAC services alone justify the installation of heated floors. Not to mention that heated floors develop a relaxing and comfortable environment. I never feel the torture of walking into a cold room about to take a shower when I’m walking on heated floors.

Regardless of what type of HVAC unit you get, nothing gives efficient heating systems source like heated floors. Furthermore, heated floors are better for anyone with allergies. The heated floors eliminate pollen, dirt, as well as other allergens through the vents. Those with allergies can easily lead a more improved house life with heated floors.

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We enjoy taking our son fishing at the lake right down the street from our home. Our son is four years of age, and he absolutely loves fishing and trying to catch minnows with his hand held net. He has gotten truly great at catching those little fish in his net. Most of the time we go at nighttime when it is cooler but for some reason we decided to go during the day yesterday. The temperature was so hot out along with humid. All I could think about was going back to our car to sit in the air conditioning and cool down. I was so hot and sweaty it was hard to enjoy this quality family time. After sweating so much that my clothes were soaking wet, I had no other choice but to walk back to our car and turn on our air conditioner. The cool air felt wonderful on my warm skin and about ten minutes later I was cooled down and feeling better. It was hard for me to leave the cool climate and head back to the water which was very humid and hot. I couldn’t understand how my son and husband could stand being in the hot weather for such a long time. When I asked if they wanted to go sit in the car for a couple of minutes to use the air conditioner with me, they said no and continued fishing and enjoying themselves. I spent more time sitting inside the car than fishing. When we finally left, I just couldn’t wait to get home where our HVAC system was cooling the house so well.

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I am an HVAC technician. I have been working in this business for a long time, and have learned much about the intricacies of air conditioning and heating. I started out in an internship through my junior college, and I worked my way in a great job! Now, I am opening my own local store. I’m really excited to create a really stable business for my family. I decided I needed another HVAC technician to partner up with to balance the work. I couldn’t imagine trying to do an online and in-store HVAC business alone, taking every one of the service calls. I really like the guy I chose, but there was a learning curve. He was only a few years into the field, and when it came to ordering our inventory there were still some things he had to learn. He meant well, wanting to save me money for my startup business, by buying inexpensive parts, but that was not the best idea. When you buy cheap, you will get cheap, and our customers will figure that out fast! Cheap parts only crash HVAC systems faster and harder,  making the repairs much more expensive. Our customers would recognize this and decide to do business elsewhere. If we are going to start a business, we are going to do it right from the very beginning. Once we had all of our inventory stocked and our business ads available on the radio and classifieds, we were ready to start repairing HVAC systems!


My father was a minister. We lived within a tiny town in the south, where people are well known for their deep faith, my father was one of these individuals. My siblings and I along side my mother helped him to care for our church, keeping it nice and helping the community. He was an extremely giving man, who always had a full food pantry to give to the less fortunate, and who traveled with extra articles of clothing in his trunk to provide to others who needed them. The church itself was really good, but one thing my dad decided to splurge on was a great air conditioner. He once said that on a hot summer’s day the pew would fill up faster than we could imagine. A lot of families back then didn’t have air conditioning in their homes, and were eager to sit through a lengthy sermon just to escape the heat for while. He says he saved more souls along with his air conditioning than his appearance, this was a long standing joke in our family for many years. But he also used that AC for other purposes and this was something I was able to aid him with. At a certain point in the sermon, when he started talking about hellfire and brimstone, I would flip the switch on the air conditioning  and turn to the central heating. It always took several minutes before most of the congregation realized it wasn’t all for their heads and that the central heater was actually going full force!

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          Two years ago my husband and I erected a new home. It had been our goal to do that for a very long time, and we finally were able to afford it. We had a tight budget, so we wanted to ensure that we bought things which would last but were also affordable. We were very pleased with the decisions that we made. The house is quite small. It has only two bedrooms, so we knew we wouldn’t need a huge, extravagant HVAC system.

          While researching different cooling and heating systems, we found the ductless mini split air conditioning units. These are much less expensive than regular HVAC systems, which are pretty good. We read many reviews on them and it seemed that everyone who had bought them was very happy about their purchase.

        We took a chance and went with the mini split ac system, and we have not rued that decision one little. The system has a rather sleek look, and it looks superior to a window unit air conditioner. It uses a lesser amount of energy than a traditional HVAC system, so we save a lot of money on our utility bills. The benefits are really countless. I could go on about how much we enjoy the air conditioning system. By buying one, we saved big money, and we are still able to have our space extremely relaxed. If I had to do the complete construction process over again, I think that I would make the same choices.

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           I’ve have been challenged with skin problems my entire life. When I was a kid, I would get mocked relentlessly. My parents didn’t try to understand what my problem was. They thought it was mental and that  I could just live with it. Imagine how upsetting it was to uncover as an adult, that it could have been easily remedied if they had only taken me to the right professional!

          At the urging of my fiance, I left for see a dermatologist last week. I made light of the situation and told him that I really shouldn’t be concerned. He looked at me like I was mad. He said that this was a serious skin condition, but he would know how to remedy it, once he learned more about my hvac system. Now, I looked at him like he were crazy. I told him it was just a basic HVAC product. He asked how often I changed the filters and I replied that I really didn’t know, that it was the landlord’s job. Then he was stunned. How could I not know any of this? It was the first house I rented and as a kid, my parents had told me it was all in a head!

        He went on to explain that this skin condition was as a result of certain types of HVAC items and their air filtering system. He said that I should install a Pure Air Selection system with a special air filter. I must be sure to rotate them monthly and in doing so I would see a change with a few weeks. I was absolutely floored on learning that all these years, I could have been  pain free.


My spouse and I had not had undoubtedly much time together. Both of us had been undoubtedly working late, and both of us had not seen each other in a few weeks. All of us decided to get a babysitter for the children and go away for the weekend together. It would be a much needed time away, and the more than one of us would be able to clear our head and relax. I made reservations at one of the local establishments. All of us arrived on Saturday night and started to unpack all of our belongings. It wasn’t too hot inside of the room, so both of us decided to open up the windows. All of us never touched the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system until later that night which is when we realized we had a problem. It was almost midnight by the time both of us were getting ready for bed. My spouse turned on the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system, because it had gotten rather chilly inside the room. It seemed to warrant the furnace, so my spouse decided to turn on the thermostat. The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system started to rumble loudly, and continue to make noise all night long. Since both of us were at a local place, I did not want to call to the front desk at such a late hour. All of us decided to stick it out through the night, and discuss the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C problem in the afternoon. The more than one of us hardly got any sleep all night long, however, the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system crumbled away relentlessly. By the time that both of us woke up, both of us were both ready to go back to bed for a few hours.

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I recognize the north and south poles are the coldest places in the world, yet still, there are people who go there on purpose, but not me! I’ll stick right here, thank you undoubtedly much, and not have to worry about ice and snow storms that can bury you alive. I can hardly even sit to watch documentaries on TV about those places, it chills myself and others to our bones just looking at it. Some people live in igloos, houses of ice and snow, and I turn on the space heating system next to our bed if it ever dips below sixty degrees, however, how can people survive even one night in an igloo, by the way, how can you conserve heating enough to stay alive while surrounded by blocks of ice? But people do survive in igloos, so there must be some trick to heating that I am missing out on. If you bring in a fireplace, a furnace, or any kind of heating source into an igloo, wouldn’t it just begin to melt your ceiling and walls? In any event, the people who live in the snow can worry about how that works, I will stay inside where it is nice and toasty hot next to our heating air vent. My ancestors used to have to worry about how to stay hot enough to survive a Winter, so now that I have access to Heating, Ventilation, and A/C technology and can stay heated year round, I will never go back to the old ways!

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My son recently started playing basketball for his private school. He is genuinely excited because all of his friends are on the team, and he has followed the NBA since he was a kid. I attended his first few games last week, and I honestly enjoyed myself. It’s fun to watch him play. The only thing that I did not like about going to see his games was due to the fact that the air conditioner in the gym wasn’t fully working from some HVAC complications that they couldn’t quite solve in time for the games. The kids had to play their game in the heat. I thought that it was genuinely unfair. They were sizzling and sweaty, and it had to make it that much harder to run down the court. I did not envy them in the least. If I wanted to play an indoor sport, I would insist that the air conditioner was running before I went out to play. I think that there is not much that they could have done about the issue, but all of the parents were pretty worried about it. They did not want their kids to have to risk getting overheated just to play a basketball game, and I don’t blame them. I felt the same way. The maintenance staff at the school honestly should have done a better job of taking care of the heating and cooling systems so that they could avoid this issue! Luckily, not a single person got overheated, but the risk of this happening was very high. I don’t think the school administrators were aware of the issues, but they definitely should be made aware! Not a single player or fan should get hurt because they were playing a game in a place that was not air conditioned.

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As of late, we have been getting a tremendous amount of rain in my region. Over the last two months, we have received approximately fifteen inches of rain. I do not know for sure, but I am fairly certain that it has rained daily since the beginning of June 1st. Typically, the rain arrives every day during the early afternoon, and we often receive another storm later during the night. A friend of mine informed me this week of the fact that increased rainfall has caused significant problems with his cooling unit. One issue he previously dealt with was due to an animal crawling into the A/C unit during a storm. Apparently, his air conditioning fan stopped working from the animal building its nest right next to it. The sad part is the animal died in the system, and it pushed an awful odor throughout his house before the system finally stopped working. After my friend had his air conditioning system repaired from the animal invasion, he encountered a problem with his playground set. During one of the many storms, the winds were so violent they tossed the playground equipment over the lawn and into the A/C. The total damage amounted to over 1500 dollars. It also took over three weeks to get an HVAC repair technician to resolve the A/C system. My friend is hoping that we no longer have to encounter significant rainfall because he cannot afford to pay any more money for air conditioner repairs. I told him that he might want to start an A/C repair fund, as rain is in our forecast for the next eight weeks.

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