I recently was assigned a research project by my statistics professor.  The project involved coming up with some real world statistics about U.S. households.  Some of the topics that he recommended to the class were food consumption, demographics, opinion polling, and energy consumption.  Because I am interested in energy policy I decided to focus on questions concerning household energy consumption within the USA.  I knew from previous research that U.S. households consume a larger percentage of energy than most households in other countries so I decided to focus my research on why that happens to be.  I had a suspicion that energy spent on heating and cooling occupied a great deal of energy usage for U.S. households.  Air conditioners, especially older Heating and Air Conditioning units, are energy hogs.  I came to find that homeowners spend more than $29 million each year on their air conditioners and air conditioner service.  That is a very large sum of money and a legitimately big market on top of that.  Statistics also show that three-quarters of all homes in the U.S. actually have air conditioners.  This means that there is room for the A/C market to grow, meaning there will be even more energy consumption.  Sadly, running our air conditioners comes at a high price, an estimated 117 metric tons of carbon dioxide are released into the air each and every year.  Thankfully, the Heating and Air Conditioning industry is taking steps to alleviate the impact of this pollution by designing better Heating and Air Conditioning units.  When examining the total amount of energy consumed in the U.S., I was actually shocked to learn that air conditioners use 6% of the entire amount of electricity produced in the U.S.  Even though that seems like a small number, you have to consider that is just from one appliance alone. I really never thought studying energy and A/C could be so engaging.

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Surfboards are made from a foam composite covered in layers in fiberglass plus epoxy.  These are the basic ingredients to most surfboards in general.  The most substantial thing about a surfboard though is its shape, and this means the shaper.  As a board shaper, I can tell you, shaping surfboards is a craft that takes quite a few years to master.  I spend hours on end in my shaping bay sanding plus cutting to get the perfect symmetry and curve to my beautiful creations.  I adore shaping, however one of the worst things about shaping is the amount of particulates that go into this type of work.  Without proper ventilation, this can genuinely be absolutely harmful, as well as deadly.  Thankfully, I don’t have to shape in my garage anymore.  My shaping bay is not big however it does have a state of the art industrial Heating plus Air Conditioning device along with certain filters.  Without the use of this device, there is no way I would be able to work due to the harmful chemicals as well as foam dust.  There are numerous stages of heavy duty filters plus a big fan that literally sucks the air out of the room creating a negative atmosphere environment which pulls all the contaminants out of the air and ultimately saves my lungs.  The special air conditioner device was a major investment in the supplier although I intend to grow eventually plus hire other shapers plus make more bays.  The good thing about this ultra powerful Heating plus Air Conditioning system is that it can handle up to 6 shaping bays which will easily allow my supplier to grow.  Although I know how my special Heating plus Air Conditioning system works plus use it everyday, I was not the one to install it.  To make sure everything was done right, I hired a professional Heating plus Air Conditioning contractor. Did I mention I only crank up that incredible HVAC when the waves are flat?

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My father actually worked at one of the few butcher shops still standing in our hometown. About a decade ago, our dad became a co-owner of the shop with his good friend. They enjoyed the work, and they also began to notice a considerable drop in sales, but people weren’t as upset with GMOs, antibiotics or growth hormones being passed through into meat anymore, so they were buying their meats from big time grocery chains. Anyway, their shop fell into a major rut. People weren’t buying as often, leading to less income for procurement of meats. Low stock caused the prices to increase dramatically, making even less people buy from them, but eventually it got to a point where they had to close the company on most days. They started to cater exclusively to the few diners that were still true to them, and in that time, they let parts of the shop fall apart due to no expendable funds for upkeep. The walk-in fridge as well as the freezer they used had also suffered from a lack of service, and couldn’t keep the room as cool anymore, however since it became a major health code violation, they had to find the money anywhere to repair the refrigerant system in order to keep their doors open. After scheduling an appointment with a Heating as well as A/C specialist, they were able to find a quote to fix the system. They managed to pull a small loan from the bank to have the repairs all completed,  and fortunately for them, the markets were beginning to change, as people started wanting fresh cuts of meat from healthy animals that weren’t pumped full of GMOs or hormones, and business boomed again for them that year. It only took them another year to pay back the loan as well as beat their own records for yearly sales. It really goes to show you that regardless of how tough times can get, if you hold on, you can always find the light at the end of the tunnel.

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When my baby brother and I were young, he was constantly letting his things get lost, broken and also damaged somehow. His favorite action figures would get left outside inside the rain, only to be lost and never seen again. When he was old enough to drive, my parents bought him this beat-up old passenger van that had over a hundred-thousand miles on it. They got it thinking he’d let it fall apart like the rest of his belongings, but it didn’t go as they expected at all. Not only did he keep that van going, but he invested quite a bit of money into it that he was making from his job. He handled a lot of little tune-ups every now and then. After getting some engine and additionally transmission work done, he was determined to fix the truck’s terrible AC. After doing some research relating to the parts for the A/C, he went and picked up a completely new compressor as well as hoses. Since he works at a motorized vehicle detailing shop, he was in a position to take the van apart as needed and install the parts himself. Funny enough, he’s had that same van now for the past five years! My parents think that he just needs to have things that are already worn down so that he will have the motivation to fix them up. So when he made a decision to move out last year, my parents helped him put a down payment on a house that was in a run down part of town. It certainly was a major fixer upper, but he loved it and couldn’t wait to get it fixed up. If his ownership of the house goes anything like his van, I’m sure the house will be looking amazing within a few years. Even though I don’t care to ride with him in his van given its appearance, I do like how great his A/C system is.

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I work at a most demanding job, and I typically work very long hours and days. I normally work six to 7 days a week, and getting a day off is a rare treat for me. When I do finally get to enjoy a day off, I don’t want to fritter it away by running errands, talking on the phone, or doing household upkeep. I try to manage all of these unpleasant tasks during my workdays, so on my lazy days, I can do absolutely nothing. I make sure that I have a nice supply of my snacks, wine, and good movies. When I renovated my dwelling, I set up the lounge room to suit my lazy days. I made sure that my favorite recliner is positioned straight under the HVAC vent. I updated my temperature control system to include central cooling, zone control and additionally wifi access. It doesn’t matter much what the actual outside temperature is, whether it is ten below zero or inside the upper nineties, my home is always entirely comfortable. Because of that zoned conditioning, I can heat or cool the lounge room to my ideal comfort without impacting the rest of the house. I don’t need to waste energy or money to try and keep my whole dwelling at the right temperature, and can just concentrate heating and cooling energy in the lounge room. Since the HVAC system is brand spanking new and extremely energy efficient, it certainly doesn’t cost much to keep running. Plus, I can operate the entire HVAC system from my smartphone which is very convenient. Through an app, the phone connects to that smart thermostat, and allows me to make any necessary changes to temperature, fan speed and even humidity levels. Because of this amazing state-of-the-art HVAC system, I can cuddle up inside of my chair with the remote for the television and my smartphone, and never have even go anywhere.

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When it’s time for you to replace the air conditioner or furnace in your dwelling, it’s extremely important that the HVAC contractor execute a heating or cooling load computation. The current equipment is probably over ten years old and may not be the proper size to handle the demands of your home. If you’ve taken any power saving measures, such as brand new windows or adding insulation, you could probably get away with a more compact heating or cooling system. To accurately calculate the demands of your household, the HVAC contractor needs to take into account more than square footage. Not only is how big the home important, but at the same time the style, number of floorings, and even the materials it’s created from. The location, size, and number of windows also impacts air conditioning requirements. Even overhead lights and heat-generating appliances play a critical part in determining the ideal heating systems or cooling components. The outdoor climate, number and age of occupants, and level of insulation should be thought about. If you invest in an oversized furnace or air conditioning unit, it will cost more to you to both purchase and install. It probably will reach thermostat settings much too fast, never reaching optimum efficiency levels and causing short cycling. The continuous on and off operation could be rather annoying, as it creates temperature fluctuations and places more wear and tear on equipment. Purchasing an HVAC system that’s too small is no more desirable. The equipment will run constantly, struggling to achieve ideal levels of comfort, and would fail to handle overly hot or severely cold weather. The only way to enjoy maximum energy efficiency and comfort is to make sure the system is accurately measured and installed.

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I think it’s really great how technology continues to become more advanced. When look back at my younger days, I realize how far we have come in little amount of time. I have little kids of my own now, and when I contemplate their future with technology, I only wonder about the many new cool things they will have or will be able to do. I recently just discovered the smart thermostat. Since I first saw it, I had no idea what it had been, and did a little research on it. I found out that a smart thermostat is a device that is used with home automation and controls a home’s HVAC system. I was amazed, and wished to look into getting one for my own residence! A smart thermostat learns all of your behaviors, allows you to control the climate in your home remotely, and shows you energy savings in real-time, and can even adjust automatically based on ambient conditions like humidity. I feel that is completely awesome! I could tell my smart thermostat to shut down after my family leaves and then have it back on in exactly enough time to make the house nice and toasty when I’m going back to the house. I think that the very best thing about a smart thermostat is that I can change the temperature of my house no matter where I am at! For example, if I wake up inside of a freezing cold bed, I can use my smartphone to turn the furnace up a little so when I do manage to jump out of bed, it’s nice and warm. I’m totally convincing my husband that we need one of these devices!

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It is finally the time of the year when we have our HVAC system taken care of. My wife and I always get it done twice a year because we had to find out the hard way many years ago. We enjoy having the HVAC company come out to tune up our system in the fall right prior to the winter season, and in the spring right before the summer season. All we do is call up the local HVAC company to schedule a tune up. If you may not know what that is, they are able to explain it to you and additionally what they do. A tune up isn’t expensive in any respect and you get many great benefits out of that too! To name a few things that they take care of: They change your air filters, make sure there is no dirt or debris clogging your system, take care of cleansing the condenser coils, check the coolant levels, and make sure all of the many screws along with bolts are tight. It’s extremely important to get regular scheduled tune ups because it keeps your system running at top capacity, and can make it super efficient. It also assists in keeping your utility bills lower since your HVAC system doesn’t have to work so hard just to maintain the basic level of functioning. Your HVAC system has an even better chance of lasting a great deal longer than if you went without tune-ups. Remember that the people who lack the understanding of how important HVAC system tune-ups are, are the same people who have got systems that unexpectedly break all the way down. So make sure to schedule your HVAC system tune-ups and keep your machine in the best shape.

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I’ve have actually struggled with anxiety for a majority of my life. I can not remember ever going longer than a week without suffering from an anxiety attack. These attacks come on rather suddenly, and create the feeling of being alone and fearing your surroundings, despite actually being absolutely safe. Sometimes they are unprovoked, while other times they begin because of a specific trigger such as a particular word or smell. Having experienced this issue for so long, I have found a few ways to prevent panic attacks and can usually calm myself down as I begin to feel those strenuous emotions of fear which signal the onset of an attack. One method is keeping my eyes closed and counting in reverse from 100. Focusing on something other than the fear helps me end up calmer. When this method does not work and I am inside of my residence, I will turn up my thermostat and picture myself in my cheerful place. The furnace turns on and I will envision myself at an empty beach. I recently had to purchase a new furnace because my old one had stopped working and, despite being especially expensive, using the furnace is important to battling my panic attacks. I do have a full HVAC system, but the AC rarely gets used by me. Many others are skeptical with this method to prevent a panic attack, but turning up the thermostat and imagining that peaceful environment has helped me a great deal and I would certainly recommend this to anyone who suffers from anxiety.


When I first took on my current job, I thought it would be great, or at least something I could handle in order to make money. It turns out, I was very wrong. I started working at an HVAC factory where air conditioning units and furnaces are mass constructed. I expected it to be especially easy, just working machines and additionally putting parts together. This is not the way of it. My day to day responsibilities included pushing a on button to make sure the unit had power, and then turning it back off. There was literally nothing else to it. No wonder the job pays greater than minimum wage, because if it didn’t no one would want this! I was expecting at least some kind of variety in the position’s duties. I think I might possibly be going insane from repeating the same task again and again at this place. Those HVAC customers better get pleasure from their units, because the process of making them is awfully boring. I am contemplating making a move to another position due to the fact that this job is horrible, and I just started it not so long ago. I really can’t imagine wasting years of my well being doing this! All in all, I think I have seen enough furnaces and AC units to last for my entire lifetime. The only good things that have come out of my miserable time within this place are the extra cash and a proficiency in turning HVAC systems on and subsequently off. I honestly can’t wait to start another type of job! I hope my next job is somewhat more interesting than this one happens to be!

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