When I came home from work late last evening, my air conditioner refused to start up. I played with the thermostat for a long while, but nothing would get it to go. I was hoping that this would only be a minor issue, but I had no way of knowing if it was. I don’t know much at all about HVAC platforms, and I didn’t want to face the risk of ruining anything by seeking to investigate the situation by myself. I came across the number to a local HVAC company and gave them a call. Because it was in the after hours, I had to hold back until the next morning until an HVAC mechanic could emerge and check out my cooling system. I hardly slept that night since it was entirely too hot in my residence. The night without my HVAC unit really made me see how dependent I was on the cooling system. I’m not used to having to deal with the heat inside my own house, and I sincerely hope this situation never happens again. The HVAC mechanic was able to fix my system that following day, but it did cost me a hefty fee. I really didn’t want to pay for it because I hadn’t been expecting for this to happen, and I didn’t have a plethora of extra money in my bank. Still, I’m just glad that my cooling system is in action again. I hope that I never have to handle this situation again in within the future because I know how much I need my air conditioning. I understand that I can’t sleep without it.

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When I first heard people talking about tiny houses, I thought they were ludicrous. I couldn’t imagine how anyone could live in just a couple hundred square feet, and I thought it would be a complete waste of time. What made me see the light was a great television show that features builders that work solely on tiny residences. After hearing the stories of men and women who lived in them, I came to see that they were a good method to reduce the overall cost of living. At this point, I am seriously considering purchasing one. I want to live in a tiny space so that I need not pay a expensive rent or utility bill. Within a living space of just a few hundred square feet, I would not need a very strong HVAC system, and it would possibly not take much to heat and additionally cool it. I could probably manage with using a small heating along with cooling system, and that would significantly reduce my bills. I never thought of working backwards to change my current lifestyle. Instead of moving up the ladder to increase the amount of money I make, I can just reduce the quantity of things that I use and reduce the cost of my lifestyle. A tiny house with a powerful cooling system is something that will free up a great deal of extra money for me. I could truthfully use that money to travel around, go out to nice dinners with my friends and family, and purchase art supplies that would be great for my projects. I think that this is smart idea all around, and I can’t wait to start living in my tiny house.

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There is always something going wrong, I swear. It has taken me years to save up for a new car, mostly because I was always paying to have my old car repaired. It’s honestly annoying to work towards a goal plus see it move farther plus farther away because of more pressing issues. My house is the same way. I would enjoy being able to move, however I keep having to put my savings into upkeep on this house, which seems to be a cycle that will never end. The most recent aggravation I have been dealing with at home involves the sporadic nature of our HVAC central cooling plus furnace. Some days it functions perfectly, plus the A/C fills up the whole house like the first day it was installed. Other days it barely operates, with only little wisps of cooling coming from the many air vents throughout the house. I called out a worker from the same HVAC company who installed the equipment, plus he said that it was a minor issue, however would still cost a few hundred dollars. That is money that could be going towards improving my living situation, however instead it’s being sunk back into a more than four year old A/C component that should be working fine. But what option did I have, because around here living without an air conditioner is as good as being homeless. That’s how sizzling it is, so if it costs me lots of money, I still have to dig deep plus pay to have the HVAC system fixed.

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I guess the Zone Control heating plus cooling app is a neat piece of technology in the HVAC industry.  That may sound strange, but I have seen how it has saved us a great deal of money… Not only that, it has made my marriage much easier. My husband plus I couldn’t be more different when it comes to body temperature plus room temperature needs, and both of us are always increasing the thermostat from air conditioning to heating that I am just surprised both of us haven’t broken it yet! When I had a bun in the oven, we were curious which way this baby would be! Would he run more cool like his mama, or would he need the air conditioning on to sleep like his dad? When he arrived, it was hard to tell. He seemed pretty blissful all of the time. It wasn’t until both of us got him in an unusual temperature controlled environment that he was not blissful! Both of us couldn’t figure out what he wanted at any given hour… At a loss of what to do, since I unquestionably didn’t want to go back plus forth from his room increasing a portable electric heating system or the window box air conditioner. We installed a baby monitor plus the Zone Control heating plus cooling app… This way we could watch him plus see what was making him happy or not. When both of us adjusted the temperature either way from heating plus A/C, he would calm. It was just so hilarious, since he could want either a single in the course of night. I know he was taking after us both!

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For about ten years, my fiance and I dreamed about building a tiny home.  We actually got the thought from some pals of ours who also built one. This made us realize how much currency they were saving by residing in a smaller space. The two of us thought that their method was astounding, and we sought to limit our own lifestyle. So, we started on our tiny beach house a few weeks ago, and we have made tons of progress. We will be done soon, and we are currently trying to conclude what kind of A/C unit we want to use in the house. I am privy to to ductless mini split unit because I know how efficient and affordable they can be, however these are much better than window unit air conditioners in our opinion because they are more sleek, and they make less noise. However, a tiny beach house isn’t immense enough for a proper Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system, and I do not guess that a portable unit would get the task done in the way that we hope for. A mini-split A/C is just what everyone needs. That is the kind of cooling system that our friends use in their tiny house, and they have honestly loved it so far. As soon as the beach house is completed, we are going to end our lease at our home and move on in. I can’t wait to downsize and have more cash flow to spend on various things. This residing set up is all around perfect for us. I am so blissful that every one of us are finally able to make our dream of residing in a tiny beach house come to life.

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My best friend was a little bit down after our children all finally grew up and moved out. However I consistently reminded her that they would be able to come visit us whenever they wanted. It really would be ok. One particular weekend, she was going on a work trip. I thought it would be sweet if I set up a little surprise for her when she was gone. I knew she was a large fan of watching really old movies. I thought it would be so nice if I converted the guest area into a mini film theatre for the two of us. I invested in some large comfortable theatre seats and a high quality film projector. I had everything set up just like an extravagant old theatre. I also had a zone controlled mini ductless Heating and A/C unit setup with a smart control unit, then this way the temperature in our theatre could be dealt with separately from the rest of the condo and without even touching the thermostat. The people I was with and I wouldn’t even have to move to change the temperature. I suppose she enjoys it to be a smidge cool when she enjoys seeing her films. I even had one of those classic popcorn stands installed in the theatre; When she came home, she was so pumped! She truly loved everything about it, from the mini ductless Heating and A/C method to the popcorn unit and the large seats. However, she wanted to use it right away and both of us watched a couple of classic films that night actually. I was ecstatic that I invested in that zone controlled Heating and A/C method because I felt that it made the temperature absolutely perfect! I thought it was nice for her to be able to not dwell so much about our children moving out for once.

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My comrades and I have been looking forward to hosting a party. One of our pals thought all of us should have a pajama gathering! It truly sounded like a real fantastic idea, however the two of us would have songs, dance, fantastic food plus drinks. Everyone would do their portion to make this an immense success. Tina was going to handle telling everyone about it, however larry would be providing the songs, and jessica was in charge of assigning almost everyone food to bring, however i would be in charge of the decorating. On the morning of the event, there was a catastrophic problem. The Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system inside the home stopped functioning completely! I was really frustrated, what bad luck! I right away called our local Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C corporation. They were first telling me that they could fix it the following day, but I needed this completed right away! I explained our situation plus how all of us were having a huge party. The Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C professional was genuinely concerned plus said he would try his best to get a professional out that same morning. I thought this would all be fine as long as he arrived plus was able to fix everything before 7pm, however at around 3pm, the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C professional finally arrived. I right away showed him the heating plus cooling system, and he was perfectly able to discover the complication fairly fast. He said he would have this fixed within the hour. Only about 20 minutes went by when he told me to start up the unit. I did, and it functioned wonderfully! I was so glad, as this meant our pajama gathering would be great! It definitely was a great time that evening. A lot of people showed up plus all of us had a blast just dancing, eating, as well as drinking in our pajamas!

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I suffer from severe dust allergies; I entirely don’t care for dust mites.  I’ve done the research to know that dust mites are everywhere.  Although these creatures are too small to see, they are all over our house.  They live in carpets, furniture, mattresses and pillows.  They feed on dead skin cells and multiply.  Despite constant cleaning, vacuuming and laundering, there is no way to entirely eliminate them.  I refuse to create a welcoming habitat for them. Dust mites thrive in hot and humid environments.  Because of this, I have installed central cooling in our house.  I run the A/C for the majority of the year and keep the thermostat set to a low temperature.  I make sure to upgrade the air filter every couple of weeks to optimize filtration.  While the A/C maintains a cool indoor environment, it is not designed to decrease humidity.  Excessive moisture is lovely for dust mites, mold, mildew, and bacteria.  To achieve ideal humidity I’ve also invested in a whole-house dehumidifier.  The dehumidifier installed right into the air handler of the cooling system.  It extracts excess moisture from the air creating a more comfortable and healthy home.  Operating the dehumidifier gets rid of that sticky feeling and allows me to raise the thermostat setting a bit.  This saves me cash on the electric bills.  Even though I have taken all of these preventative measures I still worry about the dust mite population in our home.  I am now considering adding an air purifier to our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system.  The air purifier would run all year long, whether I’m heating or cooling our house, and filter out dust mites and other contaminants.   

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While living down south, a cooling system is not an option.  For more than half of the year I rely on our cooling system to combat the intense heat.  It is not unusual for the outdoor increasing temperatures to climb into the triple digits and it rarely cools off at evening.  Opening the windows does nothing but allow hot, humid air into the house.  Running box fans does nothing but blow the tepid air around.  In order to create a comfortable indoor environment: cooling systems are necessary. It is the only way to be productive during the morning, get a great sleep at the evening, and relax on the weekends.  Unfortunately, a cooling system is not sufficient to combat the outrageous humidity.  Air conditioners are designed to extract heat from the air and create a cooling effect.  While these properties are beneficial, this does not significantly reduce the abundance of moisture in the air.  Humidity not only makes the air warmer and sticky but also encourages the growth of mold, mildew and dust mites. The humidity impacts air quality and often leads to aggravated asthma or dust sensitivity symptoms.  I have invested in a dehumidifier to target the excess moisture.  Because of the dehumidifier, I am able to raise the setting on the temperature control by several degrees without giving up on comfort.  I not only save money on our utility bills but I lessen the workload for the cooling system.   The cooling system requires fewer repairs, should last longer, and is less likely to harbor bacteria within the inner workings. Pairing the cooling system with the dehumidifier creates a much healthier, more comfortable and better home.


My cousin was in the Army for numerous years before he went back to college. He was stationed overseas a few times, as well as put through some pretty strenuous situations. I know 1 of his deployments required him to be in the Middle East, in a pretty uncomfortable climate. Aside from having to worry about the violence, he had to spend the majority of his time either outdoors, or in a place with no HVAC system. I do not even know how he lasted in the desert without an A/C. I am not strong enough to handle something like that at all. I get put out when our cooling system at condo doesn’t work good enough, so I would absolutely not be fit for the military life. He has some pretty good stories to tell, as well as I am sure I will learn more about his time as the years pass by. He finds it interesting that my biggest concern was with the A/C. I am sure it was the least of his issues there, but, to me, that seems the most unbearable of it all. I am much better  adept at office tasks than I ever would be as someone in the Army. I am simply not fit for that kind of work. I am glad that there are others who are able to do it. I will choose my desk task over something that any morning of the month without complaint.

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