I do a lot of travelling for business. On this 1 trip, I flew on an airline I have never travelled with. I must say the experience was not too pleasant. I chose first class as I often do. I care to travel in comfort, our company also covers our travelling costs. I believed first class in the plane would be nice as it often is, but not this airline. The seats weren’t comfortable, as well as that made myself and others question how coach class was in comparison. The other thing that was killing myself and others, was how frigid it was. It was as if they had their air conditioner on full force. I asked if they could lower the A/C, but the cooling system was broken, it would not stop pushing out frigid air. They offered us a blanket, as well as I refused. I didn’t care to wear a blanket while I was in business attire. I asked for a drink, perhaps the alcohol would warm myself and others up a bit; Unfortunately, they were not able to supply any alcohol! I questioned what kind of first class was this? I started to get too frigid from the flowing, freezing air from the broken A/C. I saw how others took the blankets. I believed that if I didn’t get a blanket, I will freeze to death on this trip. I asked the attendant for a blanket. I gained our blanket  to battle the frigid just a little bit. One thing was for sure, I will never be flying on this airline again. I couldn’t believe they had a broken air conditioner and no alcohol to their first class!

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I am 1 of those people who appreciates keeping meticulous records of the service repairs, other concerns, plus all the maintenance of all the appliances in the house, but everything from the stove, refrigerator, Heating plus Air Conditioning system, down to the simple microwave has been tracked plus recorded to help myself and others keep tabs on what the life of these machines has just been like. Take my refrigerator for instance, I can tell you that the refrigeration unit has ran out of Freon 4 times since I purchased it 25 years ago. That might seem as if it is a long time to own an appliance however I do most of these repairs myself plus there is something to be said for simple  nostalgia. There was 1 fix I could not do on my own recently however, plus it had to do with the ductwork on my heating plus cooling system. The time for regular maintenance had come around again plus unlike my other appliances which are a little older plus not under warranty, my Furnace plus cooling system are also required that the job to be done by a licensed Heating plus Air Conditioning professional, and i called up the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier I trust very well for this job plus tried to make an appointment, but come to find out, not only was the basic fan belt shot, however some of the ducts had huge  gaps in them where heated air could get into the framework of the house which wouldn’t be good for myself and others at all! He fixed the furnace pretty well however the ducts took a few days due to where they were all located, but lucky for myself and others the contract I made  with my local Heating plus Air Conditioning Company covers all of this job so it didn’t cost myself and others a cent. I recorded all of the nice results for posterity.

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Living where I do in the deep South I am accustomed to long hot Summer days, however laying out on the nice beach catching some sun, taking a dip in the water, grabbing some tasty ice cream, hiking, plus bike riding are just some of the small fun in the sun activities I enjoy, however but for all the fun I have while I was in the long Summer months there are some times when the heat gets to be too much, then my breaking point comes when I’m standing in the cooler  shade plus still dripping sweat, then that’s when it’s time to get inside plus cooled off. The other day was one of those too hot to be really outside days, plus when I went inside for some relief I found the air conditioning system was not genuinely working. I was angry. The air conditioning system not running is just like torture down here, but after I got over the initial feelings of anger I called our local Heating plus A/C specialist to get him over plus service the air conditioning system before I passed out. By the time our Heating plus A/C guy showed up I was a hot wreck. It’s strange how hot plus humid it can get in our place without the air conditioning system keeping the heat controlled. After a quick run through I was told the concern was dirt plus other contaminants in the air filter had somehow gotten through plus were now clogging the fan. It was a quick service plus our air conditioning system was back up plus genuinely working hard overtime cooling down our hot house. Thanks to our Heating plus A/C professional plus his quick plus responsive hard work.

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If you have been watching the news at all, you guess that there have been various terrible natural disasters lately. There have been awful fires, earthquakes, hurricanes & more, then here in the deep south, hurricanes are easily common. Some are bad & others are barely more than a bad storm. The 1 thing that most of us southerners find hard to deal with when a storm hits is the lack of air conditioning, you see, hurricanes & other storms almost always occur when it is air conditioning season – the warm season! Both of us can stockpile lots of food & water but if the people I was with and I are without any kind of power for too long, the people I was with and I realize there will be no cooling system. The lack of cooling system is what the people I was with and I stress about the most. All of us are just not fantastic at dealing with the harshness of the  humidity & heat of southern warm seasons, however i don’t even guess how people used to survive back then here before air conditioning was happily invented. I suppose those folks back then were just a whole lot  stronger than the people I was with and I are today, however when the people I was with and I have zero power, the people I was with and I also have no type of  water for showers. And if you have well water, you don’t have water, either, because it is pumped up and out of the ground by an electric pump. But it is not the lack of any showers that bothers us, it is having no air conditioning at all. We can go around smelling from not bathing at all, & the people I was with and I can survive on packaged crackers, but please, please, local government, get us our Heating plus Air Conditioning turned back on before the people I was with and I lose our little  minds! A neighbor of mine was without cooling system for 17 nights after a storm back in 2002, & he never wanta to live through that again. He obtained a generator!

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Over the past couple of months, I have started doing some simple workouts at my own home, then i found a great app on my phone that provides actual short videos of the workouts to do, and it provides a wide variety of awesome workouts! Since I started doing the program, I have worked out for at least 40 minutes more than 3 times a week, which is truly great for me! In  past times, I have tried truly working out at a gym, however I love having all of the workout machines and the great air conditioner, I get entirely  self-conscious about truly working out in front of other different  people. I am afraid that I will do something dumb, and the experienced athletes and such like them will judge me. At home, not a single athlete sees how bad my push-up form really is, and I can just nicely focus on doing my best and truly working as hard as I truly can; The downside of really working out at home is that I can tell now just how badly  ineffective my Heating plus A/C system is! Air conditioning circulates entirely  poorly throughout my entire house; Even in the office, the room that I usually use to workout in because of its many vents, the air feels entirely  inadequate. The whole home just feels very stuffy, even if the thermostat is set to a truly  lower temperature than I would normally set it to. I am certain that I could call an Heating plus A/C supplier to come look at my Heating plus A/C system, even though I am a little afraid that it would be too pricey to get it fixed, but for now, I will just get a small  box fan to keep the air circulating while I exercise


One day I will have radiant flooring; I guess this is the coolest kind of furnace out there, any type of furnace you get for your house is luxurious, so I totally will spend a lot more and get the best one out there, then why is radiant flooring the best furnace unit out there? Well, radiant floors are way more efficient than most furnaces. A furnace is either totally  on or off; There is no moderation and saving energy, radiant flooring heats all of the time, however at a good, steady stream. That is way more energy efficient and you never have an unheated home. Also a furnace, boiler or fireplace has to be set at a slightly higher temperature to heat your home. The reason is that most of the heated air rises to your ceiling and gets totally wasted, since the radiant floors are at the lowest level of your home, you can set your control unit lower. Also the furnace uses radiant heat. The heat barely  rises, it stays at the floor and absorbs into anything that touches it. So you essentially have greatly heated chairs, couches and feet. Also you won’t experience any overheated or chilly spots in your house like you do with a fireplace or furnace. The heated flooring system nicely keeps the whole house nice and warm, but finally, who would not want moderately warm feet in the Winter season? I love to go barefoot. I can totally do this with that type of great furnace. Also the flooring can be extended somewhere else. So I can have radiant floors everywhere in our home.

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I do not like when the weather gets very cold and I have to prepare greatly for it; When Wintertime is coming, I have a lot of works to do! All of our works are important too, although I constantly manage to forget one of them on our list! I need to Winterize our pool and get the cover off of it. I need to remove all our outdoor furniture from the deck and our swing too. If I forget these things, the pool is ruined and our furniture will blow into the forest. I also need to change over the curtains, sheets and clothes to Wintertime style ones. If I don’t, almost everyone will freeze to death. I usually remember all of these works; The one task that I forget is actually the most important. I constantly forget to cover the outdoor air vents in our home. I use a forced air oil furnace for the Wintertime season. The furnace does not use air ducts to run it. I just have one furnace and it blows hot air out of one area. Simple right? I never need to do much about the heating because of this, but, our air conditioner for Summer uses air ducts. There is outdoor air vents. The air vents need to be covered before Wintertime. If left uncovered, cold air rushes into our home. This makes heating our house strenuous on the oil furnace. Also animals can get into the air ducts when left uncovered. Snow gets into them, also dirt and other debris. It can get undoubtedly gross. So I have to remember to shut those ducts before I turn on our furnace every Wintertime.


A little over a year ago, my  fiance and I completely renovated the downstairs of our big home.  The two of us tore down the walls and ceilings, ripped up the floors, and got down to the basic bare studs.  It was a relief to get rid of the seasoned plaster and linoleum, however it created a huge  mess.  The two of us wore nice protective breathing gear while the people I was with and I worked, and filled several dumpsters with big pieces of debris.  Our goal was to not only modernize the huge house however improve energy efficiency.  The two of us added some insulation to the walls and ceilings, and replaced the seasoned windows.  Throughout the whole project, the people I was with and I were unable to run the air conditioning.  The two of us continually had the many windows open, and there was a great  deal of dust floating around.  Since the outside temperature was in the upper 90s, with high humidity, my fiance and I were typically sweaty and very uncomfortable.  The two of us were concerned to wash everything up, finish the hard work, and take advantage of the air conditioning.  The two of us expected our efforts to greatly lower the workload of the air conditioning, improve comfort, and trim down our monthly energy costs.  When the people I was with and I lowered the thermostat setting and the cooling plan started up, it made some absolutely odd noises.  The two of us noticed that absolutely little air was coming through the vents, and it took the air conditioning simply forever to cool the house down.  It ran continually, and the house still felt a little clammy.  The two of us ended up calling a local Heating as well as A/C contractor for some air conditioning repair.  The worker took care of the system and informed us that the inner workings and HVAC duct were jammed with lots of construction debris.  

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Around my local area, we go through incredibly long winter seasons, with severe cold and a lot of snow. We typically get hit with several blizzards yearly, and the weather shuts down all the lower roads, schools and businesses. This temperature often drops to something like 20 below, and the snow combined with the wind eliminates good visibility. We are then trapped in the dwelling, and forced to rely on our simple heating system. We will need to keep tons of bottled water and plenty of food in the cupboards for these emergencies. Sometimes, during these blizzards, we lose our power. This creates a very dangerous, upsetting and inconvenient event. Without any electricity, we have no lights, simply no heat, and no running h2o. We don’t shower, flush the toilet, or wash clothes. We can’t switch on the lights, watch any television, or access the internet. The biggest issue is the lack of any type of heat. When the outside temps are way below zero, the home will become unbearably freezing. Bundling up in bulky sweaters and heavy blankets isn’t sufficient to survive such hard conditions. There’s also the concern of the water pipes freezing and flooding. The last time we went without power, it was the biggest blizzard in history, and we were forced to make our way to a hotel. All of the local hotels were totally filled up and we had no choice but to travel several hours, on hazardous driveways. After that, I decided to adopt proactive measures to protect my home for an emergency power outage. I contacted my local HVAC contractor and bought a permanently installed standby power generator. Now, when the power fades, the generator automatically takes initiative, providing sufficient electric power to run essential appliances, including the furnace.

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My husband & I always made sure to have a date evening every month, but this month we wanted to attend the symphony. I know he loves it and immediately knew we’d have a great time, but when we arrived, it was a bit hot. I asked about the Heating, Ventilation & A/C plan & was informed that it was being worked on, and it should be ok. I let my husband guess what was going on and then all of us took our seats. The Heating, Ventilation & A/C serviceman that was working on the problem must have been good because before all of us knew it, all of us felt the nice cold air flowing. It turned out that we loved the performance. It was incredibly nice spending this quality time with my husband and I was thankful that he was able to have a good time and was comfortable with the temperature. I guess that I can’t much stand staying in a humid and muggy room myself for too long without some kind of air conditioning blowing. I was ecstatic that they were able to service the system, and when the show ended, we went out for dinner. The temperature control in the restaurant was completely perfect. I almost thought it was going to be a disaster when arrived at the show, however it ended up being the perfect evening, and we had so much fun. I was thinking next month, all of us should go to a nice concert! I know we would have a blast for sure!

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